Hardwood Flooring Basics in Gore, VA; Engineered Laminate, Solid Hardwood & Bamboo Floors

Whether you have a new home and are deciding how to cover the bare surface or have stripped the older floor to the concrete floor, you have many options to consider. There are carpeting, tile and grout, vinyl options, and wood floor variations to select from. The flooring options should be considered according to personal…

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Pros & Cons of Engineered Wood Flooring VS Solid Hardwood Floors in Winchester, VA; Waterproof & More

MWhen considering the installation of wood flooring in your home, you will begin looking around at your different options. When wanting more of a natural wood flooring, there are two options: one is engineered and the other, solid hardwood floors. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share the advantages and disadvantages of the two wood flooring types…

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Is it Better to Nail, Glue or Float a Hardwood Floor in Shepherdstown, WV? Solid or Engineered, Subfloor & More

When it comes to installing wood flooring and its variations, there are several methods professionals rely on. We at Mike’s Custom Flooring use the nail down method, glue down method, and floating method when we are hired to install your wood flooring. Today, we would like to cover the basics of these methods. Nail Down…

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