Engineered Wood Floor Basics in South Riding, VA; Flooring Layers, Core Board, Types, Advantages & More

Engineered wood floors is fairly popular, being a beautiful option that can be less expensive than hardwood flooring. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to take the opportunity to explain the basics of engineered wood. Engineered Wood Layers When it comes to engineered wood floor, the top layer, or decorative layer must be…

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Should Hardwood Floors Be Lighter or Darker than Kitchen Cabinets in Oak Grove, VA? Floor Finish, Species & More

Most people know that wood floors and moisture are not typically a good mix. However, wood floors can be charming in the kitchen. To help make it feel more open, tying all the areas of your home together can be done by using all the same flooring throughout the house. Today, we at Mike’s Custom…

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Are Hardwood Floors Pet Friendly in Lovettsville, VA? How Do I Keep My Dog from Damaging My Wood Flooring?

Many households have one or more furry family members that live in the house with them. When you have pets, you have to think about some of the different concerns you have when making improvements to the house. One question people often have involves pets and hardwood flooring. They are worried about putting hardwood flooring…

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