Best Types of Wood for Hardwood Floors in Round Hill, VA; Oak, Mahogany, Ash & More

Hardwood floors are made with natural wood, unlike laminate or engineered wood floors that are manufactured from wood and other materials to make each panel. Hardwood floors are made from a variety of different wood types, each creating their own unique pattern, appearance and texture. Each wood type has its own unique grains and can…

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Can Direct Sunlight Damage Hardwood Floors in Bunker Hill, WV? How to Protect Wood Flooring

When homeowners get their hardwood floors installed, they are generally told the basics of ensuring the floors are well maintained and cared for. Ensuring the dirt and debris is cleaned off the surface daily, or at least as often as possible, immediately cleanup any spills, avoid mopping and over-saturation of water and liquids, don’t wear…

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