Can Direct Sunlight Damage Hardwood Floors in Bunker Hill, WV? How to Protect Wood Flooring

When homeowners get their hardwood floors installed, they are generally told the basics of ensuring the floors are well maintained and cared for. Ensuring the dirt and debris is cleaned off the surface daily, or at least as often as possible, immediately cleanup any spills, avoid mopping and over-saturation of water and liquids, don’t wear heels and cleats while walking on the floor, don’t use abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals, and so on are typically on the list. However, few are instructed on what direct sunlight can do to your hardwood floors. Over exposure to direct sunlight will discolor the floor, in most cases, it will cause it to lighten, but in some cases, it will darken, depending on the type of wood. But it will only discolor where the UV rays touch down on the wood floor. In an effort to help you avoid this damage and potential other harm, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share a few tips and suggestions on how you can avoid UV damage from direct sunlight exposure to your hardwood floors.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Sun Damage

Direct sunlight, in conjunction with warm temperatures and high humidity levels, can have irreversible damaging effects on hardwood floors. But there are several solutions you can implement to prevent these problems all year long.
Window Treatments: Most effective measure is against the sun is the window UV film that blocks out 99% of harmful rays. It will prevent fading and discoloration by simply installing quality window films. Window tinting is a permanent solution and most prefer it to having to keep the curtains closed drawn. Window films allow enough visual light transfer to flood your home with natural light, but it keeps the harmful rays from penetrating through the glass. Blinds, drapes, and curtains are an alternative method, but in order for them to be effective, they have to be closed to prevent the sunlight from coming through during the peak hours when the direct sunlight shines through, which keeps home relatively dark, but preserves the health and color of your hardwood floors.
Floor Sealants: As mentioned, based on the specific wood and color tone, the effect of sunlight on floors will vary. With sunlight exposure, some types of wood will darken, where others will lighten. To balance the effect of sunlight exposure, move the furniture around in the room. Additionally, you can minimize the effects by using a sun-resistant sealant. Other alternatives are to use area rugs and runners to protect and shield the hardwood floors from the sun. Many of these solutions can be effective singularly or in harmony with others. To ensure your hardwood floors do not take discolor damage from the sunlight, it is important that you take the necessary precautions when you first get them installed. It does not take too long before you notice the discoloration of the hardwood floor when comparing it to areas where the sun’s light penetrates through the window as opposed to the areas protected under furniture for example.

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