When to Refinish Old Hardwood Floors in Stephens City, VA; Discoloration, Scratches & More

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment to most homes; they increase value, there are sturdy and fit into any interior design and with color various color options, fitting into any color scheme is not an issue. Hardwood floors have fairly easy maintenance for diligent and their sturdiness really give them a lot of benefits. However,…

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Hardwood Floor Species Identification Guide in Sterling, VA; Oak, Maple, Cherry & More

For those looking to install wood floors in their home, there are quite a few options. Each of the wood species has their own advantages and disadvantages and specific looks and lifespan. Where before knowing if it was hardwood, engineered wood, or laminate flooring, when it comes to resale value. Today, we at Mike’s Custom…

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