How to Install Floor T Molding Transition Strips from Hardwood to Carpet or Tile in Herndon, VA

When hardwood floors are installed, often the wood floor will transition to another flooring material such as carpet or tile leading into another room. When wood floor connects to another room or material, it is essential to use transition molding. For those unfamiliar with transition molding and its purpose, Mikes Custom Flooring will explain what…

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Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean & Remove Black Hardwood Floor Stains in Berryville, VA

Some people often consult their favorite internet search engine to find answers to problems they are having. It has come to our attention that some people are looking for safe disinfectants to periodically wash their wood floors. Hydrogen peroxide is frequently among the commonly inquired chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide consists of water and an extra oxygen…

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Why Install Hardwood Floors in Herndon, VA? Durable, Increase Home Value, Cleaner & More

When deciding on installing a new floor, many homeowners choose to install hardwood floors. Many of us love the look, color and feel that hardwood floors bring into our homes. However, many homeowners were also pleased to learn that there are many more benefits of hardwood floors they just didn’t expect. Mike’s Custom Flooring will…

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