Reclaimed White Oak, Wide Plank, Barn Etc Hardwood Flooring Installation

At Mikes Custom Flooring, our reclaimed wood is selected one plank at a time to ensure that the flooring installed in your home is both beautiful and unique. All of our reclaimed wood flooring is cultivated from old barns; rural structures and many other sources of sustainable reclaimed timber. The skilled experts at Mikes Custom Flooring ensure that the reclaimed wood used in your flooring is custom milled to your exact specifications. Each plank is handcrafted by our knowledgeable artisans to enhance the natural timeless beauty of each piece of wood.

Reclaimed Antique Wood Floors

Our selection of antique wide plank wood flooring is custom milled from antique wood that has been reclaimed from old buildings and barns that pre-date the 1930’s. Wood is selected by our dedicated and experienced employees before being crafted into the highest quality antique wide plank flooring in the industry. Our skilled employees skim plane the wood to ensure a smooth even surface without compromising the unique characteristics which can be found in each plank of wood. In short, our knowledgeable flooring specialists use the finest machinery available to produce a wide plank flooring product that has been repurposed to give the wood a second use!

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

The wood used in our wide plank hardwood flooring is carefully selected and graded before being slow dried to produce boards that are extremely durable and resilient. Wide plank hardwood flooring offers a variety of looks that can both complement and enhance our antique reclaimed wood flooring products.

Identifying Reclaimed Wood; Popular Tree Species of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Include:

Antique Oak: Antique oak reclaimed wood is a mixture of domestic red and white American oaks. The beautiful mixture of the reddish orange tones found in red oak both complement and enhance the warm gold and light honey tones found in white oak. The combination of red and white oak makes this flooring a classic and timeless option for any style home.
Antique Elm: Antique elm is a beautiful example of heart pine that is light in color typically ranging from a soft tan to medium reddish-brown hues. Elm is renowned for its long straight even grain and attractive appearance.
Antique Heart Pine: Antique heart pine reclaimed wood is one of the most popular flooring choices and is available in rich gold and pumpkin tones that are synonymous with species of yellow pine. Heart pine is a hardy example of softwood and is an excellent choice for literally any flooring application.
Antique Douglas Fir: Antique Douglas fir is reddish-brown in color and features prominent growth rings that provide a medium texture with a beautiful straight grain.
Antique Hickory: Antique hickory is a stunning example of sapwood that is a rich reddish-dark brown in color. One of the most unique features of hickory is its wormholes and other imperfections that make it one of the most stunning examples of antique woods available.
Antique Walnut: Antique walnut is a heart wood that is well known for its rich chocolate brown hues with purple undertones. Antique walnut is straight grained with a coarse and uniform texture. Antique reclaimed walnut is a rare find that can most often be found in mixed wood barns from the 1800’s.
Antique White Oak: White oak is yellowish brown in color with light tan undertones. White oak is typically straight grained but can also contain irregular markings. The texture is finer than red oak and makes a beautiful flooring addition that pairs well with a wide variety of decorating features from classic to modern styled homes.

Reclaimed White Oak, Wide Plank, Barn Etc Hardwood Flooring Installation in Charles Town & Eastern Panhandle of Berkeley & Jefferson Counties in WV | Winchester & Frederick County | Round Hill & Loudoun County | Fairfax County VA

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