Long Board Length Hardwood Flooring

If you are thinking about upgrading the flooring in your home or business you may wish to consider using long length boards to replace your existing floors. The length of the floor boards you select will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the room. Long boards are designed to create a much cleaner line than traditional hardwood and laminate flooring by eliminating the need for as many butt seams and joints. In fact depending on the dimensions of the room, you Mike’s Custom Flooring professional may be able to eliminate butt seams completely by using long boards rather than a more standard size flooring.

Long & Extra Long Length Hardwood Floor Boards

Long boards are typically found in two lengths: long and extra-long. The long length is considered to be the more standard of the two available and can be purchased in lengths consisting of 3 to 8 feet long while extra-long is generally 6 to 15 feet long. Extra-long lengths are more expensive and most often utilized by clients looking for the truly rich and visually luxurious appearance of long and wide plank flooring. In order to achieve the long and extra-long lengths of flooring needed, you must first begin with a very high quality timber that can be cut at full length without the concern of imperfections or defects.

Clean Look & Consistent Flow of Long Wooden Floor Boards

Homeowners, builders and interior designers inspired by rich European designs are becoming more and more attracted to flooring that contains the appearance created by length. Long length flooring will bring a warm, elegant, and charming style to any residential home or commercial business. Whether you choose a wide or narrow board, you are sure to be impressed by the consistent flow and clean look that this flooring element will bring to your space.

History & Appeal of Long Board Length Flooring in the United States

Long boards have been around for hundreds of years. In fact before shorter boards came into style in the mid-20th century, long boards were the most common type of hardwood flooring found in the United States. Today boards between 9 inches to 8 feet are most commonly used, but homeowners are becoming more and more interested in planks as long as 12 to 15 feet. As a design element, the longer boards contain many desirable traits for individuals interested in upgrading to new flooring; especially prefinished hardwood flooring.

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring for Your Home; Traditional VS Prefinished

Traditionally natural hardwood flooring is finished on site by professional installation teams and consists of sanding boards to ensure that they are an even height. Prefinished hardwood floors however are made with a beveled edge to compensate for any slight variations in the milling thickness. One of the disadvantages of prefinished hardwood floors is that many people find that the beveled edges are much more obvious with shorter and narrower boards creating a floor which has a more cluttered and busy appearance. The beauty of longer and wider boards is their ability to soften the look of the beveled edge by creating a much smoother and seamless appearance.

Long Board Length Hardwood Flooring in Charles Town & Eastern Panhandle of Berkeley & Jefferson Counties in West Virginia | Winchester & Frederick County | Round Hill & Loudoun County | Fairfax County VA

Regardless of the type of flooring, whether traditional hardwood, prefinished, short or long planks; the knowledgeable experts at Mike’s Custom Flooring are available to guide you in selecting the perfect style flooring for your home or business. Contact us today!

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