Whitewash Hardwood Floors Process

At Mike’s Custom Flooring, our experienced flooring specialists can use various techniques to transform your existing hardwood floors into something truly unique. One of the most popular finishes for flooring is a “Whitewash” finish. Whitewash or White wash, often referred to as lime wash, pickling or lye was an historical architectural element used in homes around the United States for centuries. Today, the look of white wash is used to give flooring an aged look which adds both charm and heritage to floors in American homes.

History of White Wash Flooring

Traditionally, white washed floors were produced by applying a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalk to make the flooring look distressed. Depending on the time period, white wash also refers to the technique of using mild paint or mixing lime with water to give flooring, furniture and even walls a light white appearance. White wash flooring is an important design element that was used in homes in New England, but has become a popular design influence in homes across the United States with its appealing elegance combined with a calming and relaxing interior. One of the many benefits of white washing is its ability to be used in a variety of different styled homes from formal to rustic farmhouse. The experienced professionals at Mike’s Custom Flooring use a variety of different products to complete the white wash finish including:

How to Whitewash Hardwood Floors; Stain, Rubio Monocoat & Paint Process

Whitewash Stain: At Mikes Custom Flooring we have several options available that will allow the natural wood, grain and character of your flooring to shine through. Applications can be touched up and a top-coat will be applied as an added layer of protection.
Whitewash Shades of Rubio Monocoat: This is available in several different white wash shades and can be finished in one or two coats giving your floors a naturally rustic and casual appearance that is both durable and easy to touch up. Rubio Monocoat is especially well known for its very low sheen and is a particular favorite for homes with a French country or heritage farmhouse design element.
Whitewash Paint: This can give the surface a truly whitewashed appearance that will show less of the natural color palette as the wood begins to age. Paint however can be harder to maintain over a period of time and may not be a suitable finish for all homes as it can hide the natural grain and design features of the wood.

Best Way to Clean a Stained or Painted Floor

One of the most important things to consider about whitewashing is that just like lighter colored upholstery and home furnishings; it can be harder to keep clean. Your Mike’s Custom Flooring specialist will explain the various white wash products available and the specific cleaning protocols and products that each finish requires. Wood flooring is a natural product that will change over time depending on the finish to add an appealing depth of vintage character that can’t be matched with manufactured flooring products.

Whitewash Hardwood Floors Process in Charles Town & Eastern Panhandle of Berkeley & Jefferson Counties in West Virginia | Winchester & Frederick County | Round Hill & Loudoun County | Fairfax County VA

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