Prepare Hardwood Flooring for Winter in Shawnee Land, VA; Humidifier, Entry Mats, Dry Wet Wood Floors & More

Just like wood floors need extra care and maintenance in the summer, wood flooring also needs a little extra TLC to endure the winter. Though we are only in the middle of fall, preparing and knowing what needs to be done ahead of time can prevent the negative impact the winter can impose. With this…

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How to Keep Engineered Wood Flooring Healthy in Gore, VA; UV Protection, Treat Furniture Scratches & More

Engineered wood is commonly used when a wood floor is the preferred flooring, and even engineered hardwood is 100% natural hardwood flooring. If you are aware of the process, maintaining the engineered hardwood is not a tiring job. To help you keep your engineered wood healthy, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share…

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Is it Better to Nail Down, Float or Glue a Hardwood Floor in Winchester, VA? Best Installation Method for Your Home!

When you are in the midst of choosing the right hardwood for your home, it can be a process. There are many beautiful options to choose from, making it difficult to nail down the right one. From the different types of wood, to the different finishes you can choose from, the possibilities are endless. Aside…

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