How to Keep Engineered Wood Flooring Healthy in Gore, VA; UV Protection, Treat Furniture Scratches & More

Engineered wood is commonly used when a wood floor is the preferred flooring, and even engineered hardwood is 100% natural hardwood flooring. If you are aware of the process, maintaining the engineered hardwood is not a tiring job. To help you keep your engineered wood healthy, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share a few tips.

Engineered Flooring Basics

Hardwood and plywood consist of engineered hardwood. Without having any layers, the hardwood is a solid piece of wood and is a durable construction option with quality provides high performance. In different directions, the multi-layered woods are positioned, which prevents the wood from getting wrapped or bowed.

How to Clean & Shine Engineered Hardwood Floors

You must now know about the cleaning and maintenance methods of it, as you are already aware of the engineered woods. Engineered wood tends to show dust and dirt more than others unfortunately. You can take care of messes quickly knowing the methods of cleaning.
1) Regular Sweeping. Sweeping the floor regularly is the simplest way to keep the floor clean. The dust, pet hair, loose dirt, and other debris is under control through routine sweeping. You can use a hardwood floor vacuum. Depending on the foot traffic on the floor dictates the frequency of the sweeping. You may need to clean engineered hardwood flooring every day if the foot traffic is heavy, and the low traffic areas may need attention only once a week.
2) Damp-Mop as Needed. In addition to regular sweeping, you should damp mop periodically. As with the sweeping, the frequency of using the damp-mop will depend on the traffic. You can use the damp mop after your engineered hardwood flooring starts looking dull.
3) Immediately Wipe Up Spills. When compared to solid hardwood, engineered hardwoods are better in terms of dealing with moisture. In any case, the engineered wood still requires immediate attention when spills occur. You need to remember that the engineered floor is still made of wood, and any moisture can cause damage.
4) Occasional Deep Cleaning. Occasionally you need to do a deep cleaning. Often dirt and grime can build up over the solid wood floor, even after following a daily cleaning routine. Deep cleaning of the engineered floor should be done professionally, or with cohesive products and advanced equipment.

How to Protect Engineered Hardwood Floors from Furniture Scratches & More

UV Protection for Engineered Wood Floors. The engineered floor is frequently damaged by direct exposure to the UV rays. One must keep this fact in mind while maintaining and cleaning engineered hardwood. From direct exposure of sunlight, keep the blinds down and consider UV film.
Treat Engineered Wood Floor Scratches. Wood floors get scratches, even after taking all the precautionary measures for hardwood floor care. You can keep damage to a minimum, and if they happen, a scratch concealer can come in happen.
Dog Nail Protection for Hardwood Floors. To prevent the scratches from their nails, pets need to have their nails trimmed periodically.
Use Mat and Rug at Hardwood Floor Entries. The pebbles, dirt, moisture, grains of sand, fragments of glass, and debris out of the house and off the floor can be helped with mats. By keeping the upper layer and finish intact, will help to avoid the scratches.

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