Should I Put Hardwood Floors in My Kitchen in Fair Lakes, VA? Choose Site Finished or Engineered Wood!

There are some flooring choices that can be installed wherever you want. Others, like hardwood floors, are a little bit trickier. If you are considering hardwood for areas that are constantly wet or moist, it may not be the wisest option. Hardwood flooring can experience warping and other damage when it is exposed to high…

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What Kind of Wood Flooring is Best for a Dining Room in Stone Ridge, VA? Solid Hardwood or Engineered?

Have you decided to install wood floors in your home’s dining rooms? Dining rooms are considered more formal than almost any other room in your home. When having house guests over, you will want your dining room to shine. However, where it is considered more formal, you should also expect plenty of spills from drinks…

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Can Water Damaged Wood Floors Be Fixed in South Riding, VA? How to Protect & Fix Hardwood & More

Most people who have wood floors in their home know that water and wood are mortal enemies. Water, liquids, and moisture in general, can damage the wood floors at varying degrees, usually depending on exposure and quantity. This is why it is vital that any spills immediately get wiped clean before the moisture festers or…

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