What Kind of Wood Flooring is Best for a Dining Room in Stone Ridge, VA? Solid Hardwood or Engineered?

Have you decided to install wood floors in your home’s dining rooms? Dining rooms are considered more formal than almost any other room in your home. When having house guests over, you will want your dining room to shine. However, where it is considered more formal, you should also expect plenty of spills from drinks and crumbs that will fall on the floor. Therefore, you will want to pick a beautiful type of flooring and one that can withstand the abuse. Mike’s Custom Flooring will share some of the best wood flooring for dining rooms.

Solid Hardwood Flooring for Dining Rooms

One of the best picks for a timeless and beautiful looking floor in a dining room is solid hard wood floors. Solid hardwood floors are able to withstand the abuse of drinks and food crumbs and are easily cleaned. A quality finish is recommended to ensure the longevity of the wood. It is also recommended to use felt padding on the bottom of table and dining chair legs to help protect the wood from scratches. Another benefit of using solid hard wood floors is that they can be repaired as over the years, scratches and divots may appear. However, solid hardwoods can be refinished. During this process it is sanded back down to smooth surface. Additionally, you can stain and seal the wood a different color and change the look of the floor without the need to replace the flooring. Solid hard wood floors are usually more expensive compared to other types of flooring. However, many claim they are a worthwhile investment.

Engineered Wood Floor for a Dining Room

For those who may not want the expense of solid wood floors then the next best choice for dining room floors is an engineered wood floor. Engineered wood has a protective finish that makes them durable and longer lasting. Additionally, the design of engineered wood floors makes them hold up to humidity much better than solid wood floors. Humidity causes all wood to expand and contract which can affect wood flooring. With the design of engineered wood floors, they expand and contract far less than traditional wood. Engineered wood floors also have the option of being refinished. However they do have a limit as they are only able to be refinished two to three times before they need to be replaced. They too should be protected from the furniture in the dining room to prevent scratches.

Best Solid Hardwood Species

If you decide on solid hardwood flooring for your home dining room, you will want to select a species of wood best suited for the dining room and what abuse they may be exposed to. Additionally you will want to pick a floor that has a good style and feels great inside a dining room. Here are some of our top recommendations.
Cherry – Cherry wood has a warm hue and a smooth grain or pattern. Cherry is rather durable and is a higher quality type of species and is perfect for a dining room setting.
Hickory – If you want a beautiful yet durable species of solid wood floor, one of the best is hickory. Hickory has a great rustic or country style look and is one of the stronger species of wood.
Maple – Another high quality and durable species is maple. Maple has a fine grain pattern with dark streaks or specks that make the floor more interesting and is a popular choice for dining rooms or other formal settings.
Oak – Oak is a strong wood and works well in dining rooms. Oak is naturally a very light white wood, but there are also some species of red oak that is used for floors.
Walnut – Walnut has a large straight grain pattern and a rich chocolate hue. Walnut is well sought after for the grain and colors. It is also durable and is a good choice for dining rooms and other formal settings.

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