Should I Use Water or Oil Based Polyurethane Resin Finish Coating on Wood Floors in Greenbriar, VA?

To protect the wood from damage, both oil and water-based polyurethanes are like a coat of armor for a hardwood floor. Where both oil and water-based polyurethane have their strengths, each type of polyurethane is a sacrificial layer that will show scratches and wear marks over time. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom…

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How Do I Choose a Floor Color in Fair Lakes, VA? What is the Most Popular Color for Hardwood Flooring?

You will have several choices to make once you’ve opted to install or refinish hardwood floors. You can bring a different look to a room with the number of different types of wood. You can further a customize look by choosing a specific color with your wood selection. As each has its own distinct effect,…

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Can Water Damaged Hardwood Floors Be Repaired in Dranesville, VA to Fix Cupping & Crowning?

When your hardwood floor is damaged because of water, it can be more than disheartening. Hardwood floors are beautiful and expensive to replace, after all. While hardwood floors are extremely popular in homes today, they have one weakness, water. If your hardwood has been damaged because of a water leak, have no fear, all hope…

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