What Kind of Subfloor Material Should I Use for Hardwood Floors in Fairfax Station, VA? Concrete or Other?

There is nothing that will add more organic beauty to your home like hardwood flooring. However, before you start shopping around for the perfect hardwood for your home, you need to know a little bit about the subfloor it will be sitting on. It will have an impact on what hardwood floor you end up buying and how it is installed. Once you have figured that out, you will find that hardwood flooring is one of the best investments you can make in your home as it will surely boost your home’s value. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about all the different kinds of subfloor out there.

What are the Different Type of Subfloors for Hardwood Flooring?

The type of subfloor that is in your home will more than likely depend on the time that the house was built as well as the location of the home. Here are the different types of subfloors out there.
– Plywood: More people have a plywood subfloor in their home than any other type of subfloor. This is because it has been the most cost-effective option since the 50s. Both engineered and solid hardwood flooring do incredibly well with a plywood subfloor. These hardwood floors can be installed using secret nails or stapling, glue, and engineered hardwood can also float.
– Concrete: This is the most durable type of subfloor out there. It is often found on the ground level of any home and always found in basements. The problem that comes from concrete subfloor is the fact that moisture can be an issue. If there is a high moisture content in the subfloor, you will need to use a concrete sealer before installing solid or engineered hardwood. Gluing and floating are the two installation methods used on concrete subfloor.
– OSB: This is a type of plywood that was developed in the 60s. It is by far, the most popular choice in subfloors. Many people prefer it over traditional plywood because the surface is so smooth. You can install solid or engineered hardwood on this subfloor using secret nails, stapling, glue or floating. Make sure to use an underlayment whenever you are floating your floor.
– Particle Board: Older houses are usually the only ones that will have a subfloor that is made of particle board. Once plywood was introduced, contractors made the switch. If you have a particle board subfloor, engineered hardwood is the type of flooring that is recommended for it. Because particle board doesn’t hold staples or nails very well, floating is the only method used for installation.

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