How Do I Choose a Floor Color in Fair Lakes, VA? What is the Most Popular Color for Hardwood Flooring?

You will have several choices to make once you’ve opted to install or refinish hardwood floors. You can bring a different look to a room with the number of different types of wood. You can further a customize look by choosing a specific color with your wood selection. As each has its own distinct effect, colors range from rich, darker tones to warm browns to lighter colors. There are several factors you need to take into consideration that may help you decide before making your choice. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to offer some ideas on how you can pick the right color for your hardwood floors.

How Do I Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish Color?

1) Consider style and decor of home. Different colors and types of wood lend themselves better to certain designs. While a more traditional design may work better with warmer, mid-level colors if you have a lot of lighter colors and sleek, modern design, for example, that might pair better with a darker floor.
2) Foot traffic patterns. Especially one with children and pets, if you have a very busy household, you’re probably better off with lighter colors that won’t show wear as much.
3) Floor cleaning habits. You’ll also want lighter shades and hardier types of wood that don’t tend to show dirt as much if you aren’t particularly diligent about cleaning. Though they’ll also require more regular cleaning, darker colors can be very attractive.
4) Size of the room and lighting. The look of your wood floors is easily affected by both the size of the room and the amount of natural light. Though rooms that get a lot of regular sunlight will need a color that won’t fade as much, darker colors may be too heavy for small rooms.
5) Extra colors in the space. your design choices can also help to dictate the color of wood you choose. Everything from the color of the walls and furnishings to other wood surfaces in the room such as cabinets or built-ins can affect your choice of floor color, as you want your floor to complement the rest of your design.

What Colors Can You Refinish Hardwood Floors?

With all of that in mind, your color options are listed below so that you can make the right choice for your home.
Natural / Beige. Natural hardwood flooring is on the lightest end of the color spectrum. For a more modern look, these bright, clean tones range from rosy pinkish tints to light yellow and orange tones.
Brown. The classic choice for most hardwood flooring is brown. You can opt for anything from a medium warm toned antique oak to a dark chocolate brown maple, though there is a wide range of shades within the brown family. Depending on the style, size and color of your room and your personal preference dictates the color you choose.
Yellow / Tan. Instead of bright, vivid yellow, this group has rather rich, warm tones of honey and caramel. You can also find yellows and tans in maple or lighter walnuts as oak leans toward these tones. They can look a bit more aged they can also give any home a “lived in” feeling making them a perfect option for rustic designs.
White. The ability of white to reflect light can make a space feel larger makes white an excellent choice for any room, but particularly small rooms.
Gray. Gray is trending and considered the “new neutral.” If you are looking for a neutral without using beige, this is your best option. For woods that have a distinct grain that you want to highlight, since gray tends to bring out the grain in wood flooring.
Orange / Red. Coppery or russet tinted hardwoods can add a real eye-catching dash to your décor, so tread carefully with these tones. Test it out a small patch before you stain a whole floor to make sure you can live with it.
Black. You can opt for black or dark hardwood floors for a boldest statement. Black can be challenging too, so be careful where you place it. They tend to work best in larger rooms with plenty of light as darker shades can make a room feel smaller.

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