Refinish or Replace Hardwood Floors in Sterling, VA? When is New Floor Installation Required?

Hardwood floors can last quite some time, especially if they are properly cared for and well maintained. If you moved into home where the wood floors were original to the home and they are well over 50 years old you may be wondering if the flooring needs to be replaced or if they can be saved. Old wood floors certainly would have a history and charm to them that wouldn’t be replaceable, even if there is a little squeak here and there and perhaps signs of aging and a few random stains. A tough decision to replace or refinish the wood floors lies ahead and we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to help you determine if the floors should be replaced or simply refinished.

Preference of Old Existing or New Hardwood Floors

The first factor is your preference. The aged and weathered look is definitely a trending look. But on the other hand, many people still prefer the shine and image of the new wood flooring. Budgeting for materials and installation is also a consideration. Refinishing older floors will definitely improve a lot of the wear, clear out some of the stains, but they will not be restored completely like new. So knowing which look you are trying to achieve is definitely a big consideration. As mentioned, some prefer the weathered-aged look where others love the allure of new and modern.

DIY Vs Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you opt to give the older hardwood floors a facelift and salvage the floors, hiring a skilled contractor is definitely worth the investment. Whether you just need a few planks repaired, a section replaced, or want the entire floor sanded and refinished, having a professional doing the work is optimal as opposed to a DIY project, especially if you lack the experience working in the arena. In older homes, the planks are at a high risk of being damaged from termites or other insect infestation. These planks would need to be completely replaced and they will need to be matched up according to grain, color, and stain. Squeaky floors can be quieted with the appropriate placement of nails or dry lubricant. Any existing holes will need to be plugged in addition to the patch damage. But again, a professional will need to match the grain, species, and feather in the color to avoid any obvious lines demarcations. All of these details take the skills and experience of a professional. After the excessive stains are exposed from pet accidents, beverage spills, water marks, and so on, the professional can evenly sand down the planks to the raw wood where you can select a new color finish that better suits your tastes.

When is New Hardwood Floor Installation Necessary?

There are circumstances that will lead to a complete floor replacement. Not all floors can be refinished. If the wood floors are experiencing any of the following, a replacement is necessary.
– Floors that have extreme movement between the boards. The sanding and finish quality will be significantly impacted.
– Structural issues, typically stemming from the subfloor. When the subfloor needs to be repaired in order to ensure the quality of the hardwood floor covering.
– Wood floor that has been sanded down multiple times since being installed.
– Exposed nails and tongue and groove connection failure.

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