Protect Your Hardwood Floors from Scratches, Sun & Other Damage this Summer in Herndon, VA

With the summer season comes summer heat and summer activities. Both have a major affect on your home’s hardwood floors. With kids out of school, they may be going to the backyard for some sun, swimming and play time. Often friends and family may come to visit for barbecues or even a mini summer vacation. With the increase of foot traffic, along with the heat, this is the time to consider how you can protect your home’s hardwood floors. Mikes Custom Flooring will share a few tips on how you can protect your home’s floor.

Hardwood Floor Protection

Clean – It is important, especially during times of heavier foot traffic, to clean your hardwood floors regularly. Luckily, cleaning hardwood floors is a simple task. It is important to sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors to keep all of the dirt and debris off of the floor and prevent it from scratching the surface. Additionally, mop the floor after sweeping with a lightly dampened mop with plain water to help keep it clean and free from erosion. If any spills occur, make sure you clean it immediately to prevent erosion and damages.
Heat and Humidity – Both heat and humidity can warp and damage hardwood floors. During the summer time the floor is at high risk of exposure. You will want to make sure your home remains on average 80 degrees to help prevent heat damage. To help control the amount of humidity inside your home, consider installing or using a dehumidifier to remove high levels of humidity on those humid days. If your home is prone to high humidity, before installing hardwood floors, you may want to ask the contractor which underlayment helps control and protect the wood from humidity best.
Sun Damage – During the summer, the sun’s UV rays are at its highest which means it can damage your hardwood floor more than any other time of the year. UV sun damage can discolor or fade your wood’s color or even dry out the wood causing it to split and crack. Attempt to keep the sun off of the floor as much as possible. Use the furniture to cover the wood where the sunlight comes in or make sure to use blinds and curtains to help reduce the sun’s rays. Never leave the windows or blind open too long, especially during the summer or your floor will discolor or dry out.
Heavy Foot Traffic – Another major concern is heavy foot traffic, especially since school is out and your kids, their friends or guests visit often during summer break. Help protect your home’s hardwood floors by establishing a few rules. Start with no walking on the hardwood floors with shoes on. Make that shoes are taken off at the door. Use door mats at each entry point to help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that comes into your home. For those with pets, make sure to keep their toenails trimmed and short.

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Mikes Custom Flooring hopes we were able to help share some tips on protecting your home’s hardwood floors for this summer season. For those who may need our services, contact Mikes Custom Flooring today.

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