When to Refinish Old Hardwood Floors in Stephens City, VA; Discoloration, Scratches & More

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment to most homes; they increase value, there are sturdy and fit into any interior design and with color various color options, fitting into any color scheme is not an issue. Hardwood floors have fairly easy maintenance for diligent and their sturdiness really give them a lot of benefits. However, impart with the maintenance is from time to time, the solid wood floors will need to be sanded down and refinished. This process is relatively messy, and if the wood is improperly sanded, you can potentially cause more harm than good. Unless you have experience, when it comes to the refinishing process, to ensure quality, it is best done with an experienced professional. However, many homeowners do not realize when their hardwood floors could use refinishing service. With that in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share some signs that suggest your floors are in need of refinishing.

Refinish or Replace Hardwood Floors?

1) Hardwood Floor Discoloration. A tell-tale sign that your hardwood floor is in need of refinishing is discoloration. Where it may not be obvious, the dull, faded discoloring that occurs is typically by the sunlight or moisture damage. Additionally, the spills from substances that caused staining that will only be removed through sanding. You can often discover the faded and dull effects caused from the sun and moisture when you move furniture or rugs. Just make sure you ensure the moisture issue is repaired or you take the time to install window treatments or area rugs to prevent discoloration damage after the wood floors are refinished.
2) Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair. Like the discoloration, sometimes the wear isn’t always obvious, sometimes you can only see the scuffs and scratches when the light reflects off the surface on the right angles. The finish can also wear down with excess foot traffic over time and harsh chemical cleaners inappropriately used. These unsightly blemishes are remedied with a refinishing service. As the surface is sanded away, the top layer flaws and original finish is removed before a new application of the finish is applied. With full coverage of the finish, the wood floors are susceptible to the elements and further damage, making the need for refinishing essential.
3) Floorboards Showing Damage. Where it requires more than a refinishing service, floorboards that are curled, bending, decaying, or showing other indications of severe damage would need to be repaired or replaced. Floorboards that are damaged cannot not be refinished, as they will eventually cause more problems later. Replacing them and making other repairs or replacements to the floor will often cause for the wood floor to be refinished to ensure the floor’s finish is even. When you notice that the wood floor has lost a bit of luster and shine, but is in otherwise in good condition, it likely only requires a deep cleaning. You can hire a professional or utilize specific cleaning products to your wood floor and follow the label’s directions to return the shine.

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Should the signs point to a refinishing service, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and whether your hardwood floors require replacing and repairs or just the refinishing, our team of experts can ensure your wood floors are properly refinished.

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