Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Inwood, VA; Designs, Simple Installation & More

In recent years, high-definition has come to flooring in a new way by using the premium vinyl plank flooring. This option includes the use of 3D imaging technology to make their impact on interior design. Investing in the luxury vinyl planks can have its benefits and we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share a few examples of them today.

Pros of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

1) Comfort. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is softer underfoot than other solid floor options such as ceramic or stone tile and it also softens the sounds. Additionally, the surface can be treated with an antimicrobial that kills bacteria on contact.
2) Resilience & Easy Maintenance. Without sacrificing luxury or style, the premium vinyl plank flooring is durable and won’t chip, become discolored, or delaminate. Easy to clean, maintenance involves simple sweeping and damp mopping. It does not absorb moisture from the environment during humid seasons and expand its width, or shrink during drier seasons like wood flooring, being dimensionally stable. This allows use in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements.
3) Affordable. Like most flooring materials, you get what you pay for, but even the luxury vinyl offers affordable quality when you are looking for value.
4) Numerous Design Options. Fitting in both formal and contemporary spaces, vinyl planks cover the range of fashion in flooring. Competing with trends you’ll recognize with other flooring materials; modern evolution of vinyl flooring technology makes textures possible. Whether you prefer distressed hardwood floor look or textured tone tile aesthetics, the vinyl plank flooring can give it to you. Sizes, shapes, colors, and faux finishes gives consumers an endless supply of options.
5) Simple Hardwood Flooring Installation. As versatile as the luxury vinyl plank flooring is, it can be installed on all levels pf a building including basements. They are slimmer in comparison to hardwood planks, stone, or ceramic tiles. In many cases, due to the light-weight material, it is easy to work with and applied on existing flooring. However, before installation, whether an existing floor is applicable, or it is on a subfloor, the surface should be as flat and clean as possible. Despite being thinner and softer than other flooring options, the luxury vinyl plank flooring can easily mold to the surface and with attention to detail, the installation can be smooth and seamless.
6) Environmental Safe & FloorScore Certified. Typically, is a low-VOC option, luxury vinyl plank flooring and are CARB II-compliant just like many quality engineered wood flooring products. With its FloorScore certification, you can verify a vinyl flooring product is safe for your home. Resilient Floor Covering Institute and Scientific Certification Systems developed the FloorScore by testing flooring products and the indoor air quality where they are installed to certify the safe use on the environment. The U.S. Green Building Council LEED Rating System and many other leading environmental programs recognize FloorScore certification.

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With Mike’s Custom Flooring installing your luxury vinyl plank flooring, you can expect quality workmanship to enjoy the many advantages it has to offer. Call us today to get started!

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