Best Types of Wood for Hardwood Floors in Round Hill, VA; Oak, Mahogany, Ash & More

Hardwood floors are made with natural wood, unlike laminate or engineered wood floors that are manufactured from wood and other materials to make each panel. Hardwood floors are made from a variety of different wood types, each creating their own unique pattern, appearance and texture. Each wood type has its own unique grains and can be colored or stained. No two wood types will have the exact color. Mike’s Custom Flooring wants to ask if you know all of your hardwood floor types? If not, we’ll share the most common types of wood used for hardwood floors in Greater Round Hill, Virginia.

Most Durable Hardwood Floor Types

Oak Floors – One of the most common types of woods for floors, at least in the States, is oak. Oak is used because it offers one of the highest resistant to scratches and dents and is durable even with impact damages. For those who don’t want to hide their wood floor under a rug just to protect the wood’s surface, oak is a good choice. Oak has large circular grain pattern and is stained in many colors. To prevent oak floors looking weathered or old, make sure they get refinished every 5 to 10 years.
Mahogany Floors – One of the top and most prized wood types is mahogany and not just for flooring. Mahogany is a prized wood used for high end furniture, musical instruments, and elaborate wood work. Mahogany is very durable when it comes to surface damage and even is water resistant. Mahogany has a linear grain and to can be stained in various colors. Most favor the darker, richer color stains on mahogany.
Lyptus Floors – At first glance Lyptus resembles mahogany. However, it not as durable as mahogany. It is harder than oak and is easily grown and processed in mills. Since lyptus mimics the look of mahogany, is more durable than oak and is easily grown, it is growing in popularity and becoming more widely used. Lyptus is considered the affordable version of mahogany.
Ash Floors – Ash wood floors are usually colored in lighter or softer shades. There is an ongoing controversy wherein many claim ash wood is the hardest and toughest wood that is used. Ash wood has a wonderful wood ring in its grain, often accompanied with sprinkles of dots which give the wood more character. Placed in the hard wood class, ash wood is one of the least expensive and is often the preferred choice among many homeowners.
Hickory Floors – Hickory is one of the better choices for a rustic look. Hickory is another durable wood that can withstand a lot of abuse. For those with pets or larger families, hickory is recommended. Hickory has almost a spotted-like wood ring grain. The rings appear in large dark shapes much like a dairy cow’s spots. It is a very beautiful wood that comes in many colors with many favoring the lighter wood colors.
Bamboo Floors – Bamboo isn’t actually considered a “hardwood.” Bamboo is actually a grass, yet it is being used on floors all over the world. Bamboo is one of the toughest materials used, even in construction in other parts of the world. When used as flooring, it is extremely durable and easily cared for. It is often used with a combination of natural or “nature” meeting modern designed themed homes. They look great and come in many color options.

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Other major wood types that are worth mentioning are pine, cherry, Brazilian cherry, walnut, rosewood, and maple. These wood types are also commonly used in homes and make great hardwood flooring. If you want to install hardwood floors in your home, make sure to investigate the different wood types, and don’t base your decision just on look and color. Each wood holds up best in different atmospheres and conditions. If you need help learning more about the types of wood floors available, or need help installing hardwood flooring in your Greater Round Hill, Virginia home, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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