How Do I Know if My Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in Purcellville, VA? Water Damage, Staining & More

If you are lucky enough to have hardwood flooring in your home, you want to do everything in your power to protect and preserve it. To have hardwood flooring your house can add considerable value to your home as well as an organic beauty that is hard to beat. However, if your hardwood flooring is older and starting to look worn, you may be considering having it refinished. It is one of the beauties of having hardwood after all. Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to talk about some of the reasons that people decide it’s time to have their hardwood floors refinished.

When Should You Refinish or Hardwood Floors?

Knowing when it is time to have your hardwood flooring refinished is always a challenge. You want to get the most out of your floors after all. Here are some conditions that leave homeowners considering refinishing their floors.
– Water Damage: One of the most common types of damage to hardwood floors comes from water. Water and hardwood don’t mix. If you have some water damage on your hardwood flooring, it can leave you considering having the flooring refinished.
– Heavy Scratching: It is normal for your hardwood floor to sustain scratches over time. When you start to notice that there are areas of heavy scratching, you may decide that it’s time to have the floors refinished since refinishing will completely get rid of any scratches on your floors.
– Discoloration: Another common problem with older hardwood flooring is discoloration. The hardwood may start to have areas on it that look grey. This means that the polyurethane has probably worn off and needs to be reapplied during refinishing. Without that protective coating, your hardwood is more susceptible to damage.
– Staining: Sometimes, staining can occur. This is especially true if that polyurethane coating has worn off the surface of your hardwood. If your flooring is showing some signs of wear with stains, you can have those removed during the refinishing process.
– Sun Damage: There is nothing better than a lot of natural light in our home to make it feel cheerful and bright. However, the problem with excess sunlight is the damage that it can cause to your hardwood. It can cause the flooring to look faded or washed out. This is another problem that can be resolved with refinishing.
– Overall Wearing: There may be some high traffic areas that simply start to look like they are worn out. This is totally normal and can happen over time. Luckily, it isn’t anything that a little bit of refinishing can’t fix.

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If you have any of the signs up above on your hardwood flooring, it may be time to call Mike’s Custom Flooring to help your floors look like new again with our refinishing services. We can get rid of the wear and tear on your floor caused after years of use. Call us today!

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