Advantages of Beech Wood Hardwood Flooring in Round Hill, VA; Low Maintenance, Elegant & More

There are several species to choose from if it’s time to have your hardwood floors replaced. Beech is a hidden gem with unique features, though popular choices, includes oak and maple, bring a range of benefits. You can decide whether it may be right for you. Use this guide to get better acquainted with beech wood. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to elaborate on beech wood flooring.

What are Beech Wood Floors?

With a light orange color, the Beechwood is one of the lightest and smooth types of hardwoods. If maintained properly, the Beechwood can last many years and is very versatile, flexible and durable in nature. Typically, furnishing products, toys, pianos and flooring in the basketball courts as well are constructed with Beechwood. To any shapes and style, Beech wood can be customized. As a great choice to use beech wood furnishing products in the living room and bedroom areas, the Beechwood is also an odorless wood.

Beech Wood Characteristics

Also known as the beech tree, this wood comes from fagus grandifolia. This species grows to an impressive height of 120 feet on average and found predominantly in North America and Europe. With a tight, uniform grain it has a pale white to brownish coloring while this tree produces strong, durable hardwood. You can still see the tiny specks and pores in its pattern, although the wood has a smooth appearance throughout. You can still see the tiny specks and pores in its pattern, although the wood has a smooth appearance throughout.

Benefits of Beech Hardwood Flooring

On the Janka hardness scale, which measures how tough wood is, the American beech has a rating of 3,000. Sitting around 1,300, this rating is above the median hardness for hardwood. You can expect beech flooring to withstand heavy foot traffic without developing scratches with this high rating. From one board to the next, the coloring of the flooring may vary. While the softer, outer sapwood has a paler shade, the wood sourced from the inner part of the tree is often a dark red to brown color. Because it’s naturally resistant to fading from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, beech doesn’t require additional staining while the small pores of the wood make it difficult to stain. This durability results in flooring that looks uniform throughout as its ages, combined with the material’s straight grains. Below is a quick look at the pros of Beechwood hardwood floors.
– Shock Resistance: Best used in high-traffic and hard floors as well since the Beechwood is shock absorbent.
– Low Maintenance: These kinds of furnishing products require less maintenance when compared to other hardwoods.
– Hard: Beech wood is very rigid and strong as compared to any other wood.
– An Elegant Look: Beech wood has a glossy appearance and that is why they add more glam and charm to any home decor.

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