Are You Causing Damage to Your Hardwood Floors in Winchester & Frederick County, VA? Dog’s Nails, Shoes, Chairs, Wrong Cleaners & More

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you know they are a beautiful addition. The look of the floors are charming and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Whatever kind of hardwood that you have in your residence, you know that you need to care for them so they stay looking attractive and last a long time. It is expensive to have them replaced and new floors installed so it is always better to prevent damage when you can. There are lots of ways that your floor can be damaged and after they have become too damaged they have to be sanded down and refinished or replaced.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Lists Ways You Could be Damaging your Hardwood Floors

Dog’s Nails Can Scratch Your Hardwood Floors: If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat that is indoors they could be contributing to your hardwood floors being damaged. The damage comes from the dog or cats nails or claws as they walk around the floors. Most of the time normal walking won’t cause much damage but if they run through or slide on the floors it can lead to damage and scratches in the flooring.
Cleaning Hardwood Floors With the Wrong Cleaner: If you have hardwood floors, you want to make sure they look and feel clean. That means that you probably spend time washing and polishing them. This could be causing damage to the floors if you are using the wrong type of cleaner. You want to be sure that the cleaner has no abrasives added to it and you also want to be sure that the chemicals that make up the cleaner will not damage the finish to the floors.
Shoes Can Damage Hardwood Floors: This is a big deal! Shoes cause quite a bit of damage to hardwood floors just by walking on them. One of the ways that the floors are damaged is if you are wearing a high heeled shoe. This can leave dents and even scratches on the floors. Other types of shoes can cause damage simply by walking along while they are dirty. The dirt on the bottom of the shoe acts just like sandpaper on the floors. This will remove the existing finish and could start to cause damage to the actual wood.
Do Chairs & Furniture Damage Hardwood Flooring?: If you have chairs or tables that are set up on the hardwood floors you need to be careful. When you go to sit in the chair you pull it out to sit down and that means that legs of the chair are scraping across the floor every single time. Over some time this will leave damage on the floors. You can add foam or felt coasters on the bottom of the chairs and tables to stop the scraping from the furniture legs to the hardwood.

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If your hardwood floors have suffered damage you want to be sure that you have them repaired or refinished as soon as possible to save them from any further damage.

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