Benefits of Installation of Hardwood Flooring on Stairs in Gerrardstown, VA; Increase Home Value, Less Maintenance & More

With the right materials, stairs not only serve a function, but also design purposes. Though traditionally homeowners would carpet the staircase, more and more are opting for hardwood flooring. There are quite a few advantages that homeowners are enjoying when deciding to use hardwood flooring options for their staircase as this rising trend continues to escalate. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on the advantages behind using hardwood flooring for your stairs.

Appearance of Hardwood Floors on Stairs

Carpeting simply cannot compare to the rich, timeless beauty that hardwood floors provide. Being visually striking, the natural charm of a wood staircases can potentially enhance your home’s ambiance. The area will look lighter and brighter with light-colored wood stairs bathed in natural light reflects that light for instance. You can easily find one that matches your existing wood flooring in the surrounding area or include it with the wood floor installation since there are a host of textures, colors, types of wood floors.

Do Hardwood Floors Increase the Value of a Home?

For homeowners with a goal of selling the home, whether it is now or down the line, you need to make an impression on perspective buyers is your number one goal. The wood floor installation on the staircase will make a lasting impression, if you are making adjustments to attract the buyers. For potential buyers that were not entirely open to two-story homes, having the staircase a stunning focal point can arouse attention and pique interest. The wood stairs can really make a difference.

Are Hardwood Flooring on Stairs the Healthiest Option?

Carpets are like filters that tend to trap dust, dirt, contaminates, dander, and other allergens which significantly reduced the indoor air quality. Those that suffers from allergies or asthma, the constant up and down makes their symptom worse due to the stairs are a high-foot traffic area. Allowing them to breathe easier, the wood floor doesn’t retain these assaulting substances.

Hardwood Floors Require Less Maintenance

Particularly concerning staircases, the wood floors are easier to clean, maintain, manage. Carpets require you to carry a heavy vacuum up each step whereas the wood stairs only require sweeping and occasional mopping for assured cleanliness to ensure the stairs are thoroughly cleaned.

Improved Flooring Durability

Flattened fibers, staining, and fading are likely occurrences with carpet surfaces. On the other hand, wood floors are more resilient to everyday wear and constant foot traffic. Being that wood is a highly durable material when properly cared for and maintained, wooden staircases can last a lifetime. When it requires a refinishing maintenance, hardwood floors are also simple and affordable as it becomes necessary.

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Being an aesthetic enhancement, with no doubt, wood floors are ideal for your staircase. To ensure efficient installation, no matter if want your staircase replaced with wood floors or a newly built-in staircase, hardwood floor installation, call Mike’s Custom Flooring. Mike’s Custom Flooring has qualified technicians is also readily available to provide any maintenance and refinishing or repair services. Call us today to discuss your hardwood floor project.

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