Comparison of Hardwood Site or Pre-Finished Floor Installation Options in Winchester, VA

Are you ready to update the look and feel of your home? What better way but to start with an update to the flooring. If you want a flooring staple as well as a modern and mainstream option hardwood floor is right for you. The amount of options that are available when you choose hardwood can seem intimidating. Not only do you need to choose a wood type, color stain, width and how the floor is installed but who is going to do it. Having hardwood floors installed in your home is a process that is best left to a professional company. We have the ability to understand your home and what floor installation process is best. Now that you know you want to use hardwood in your home you need to decide if you want a site finish or a prefinished floor. There are some benefit to each type so you may need to know more about each before you decide what it best for you.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Explains The Differences Between Prefinished Hardwood & Site Finished Hardwood

What is Prefinished Hardwood Flooring?: A prefinished hardwood floor is a great option for many reasons. The wood is manufactured into planks and are set with a color stain or paint and finished with a sealant. The prefinished adds some benefits to your home with one being that the installation process is faster. The wood can be installed and the job is done. The color and finish is complete when the planks are ordered. You also are not waiting for any drying time and can use the floor right after. You won’t have to worry about odors that are associated with stains and clear finish that is used often. The cons are that the cost of prefinished wood can cost a bit more for the material. You also are not able to get an exact color or shade that you want because the color is manufactured and you get what you get.
What is Site Finished Hardwood Floors: If you choose to have a hardwood floor that has to be finished on site you are still getting a great floor. The site finish is installed just like a prefinished floor but then more steps need to be taken. You get to then choose the color that you want for the floor and have it stained or painted that color while it is in your home. You also save on the cost of the actual wood because it is purchased bare so that the installer can stain or color it as per the homeowner’s request. The greatest thing about this option is that you can customize their floors with shades and patterns that they want. Another added benefit is that when the floors need to be touched up and repaired you can use the same stain that was used originally on the floors for a perfect match.

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No matter whether you would like a site finished or pre-finished hardwood flooring installation, Mike’s Custom Flooring can assist. And if you aren’t sure, we can consult with you to help you decide what’s best for your home. Contact us for all your hardwood flooring needs.

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