Durable Hard Wax Oil Hardwood Floor Finishes in Charles Town, VA; Flooring Care Guide & More

There are many types of finishes available for hardwood flooring. With so many to choose from, many homeowners are overwhelmed with options. One type of finish is the hardwax oil finish, which has its pros and cons like any other option. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to present the basics regarding hardwax oil finish.

Durable Hardwood Floor Finishes

Due to their natural, unfinished look that seemingly brings out the true beauty and texture of the wood, rather than covering it up, hardwax oil finishes are becoming a popular alternative to traditional aluminum oxide finishes. However, hardwax oil finishes require a bit more care over the floor’s lifetime, despite it still providing homeowners with an effective and durable floor finish. Traditional finishes are applied to the top of the wood, in layers, as they build up a dense scratch and moisture barrier that seals off the wood’s surface. Hardwax Oil finishes, on the other hand, penetrate the wood’s pores, which bonds the fibers to strengthen and protect the wood from within. The natural beauty is amplified as when the finish is cured, the surface hardens creating a soft matte sheen that highlights and enhances the wood’s bold grain. Hardwax oil finishes have no effect on your indoor air quality because they are Based on natural vegetable products with zero Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. This option is a non-toxic environmentally-friendly floor finish.

Hardwood Floor Care Guide

A fresh coat is optimally applied every 1-3 years, depending on the foot-traffic and other factors. Below you find the basics of the maintenance and care of hardwax oil finish.
1) General cleaning requires a cleaner that is specifically designed for this finish. It is essential that you do not use approved cleaners because it can damage the hardwax oil finish. If ever in doubt, just use a damp cloth to spot mop and immediately follow up with a dry microfiber cloth.
2) Regularly remove the dirt and debris by vacuuming or sweeping. If you use a vacuum, be sure it is a hard surface floor vacuum or ensure the beater bar is deactivated.
3) Never wet-mop a hardwood floor as standing water can lead to permanent damage.
4) Use a dry mop or towel to soak up any spills immediately.
5) Prevent contact to your floors from the following products: ammonia-based cleaners, wax-based products, detergents, bleach, mineral spirits, acrylic finishes, polishes, oil soap, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic materials like vinegar.
6) Install protective caps or felt on the bottom of furniture legs and attach rubber casters to rolling furniture. Make sure to pick up furnishings when moving them and do not slide them.
7) Keep your pet’s nails trimmed and do not where any spiked shoes such as heels, cleats, and so forth.
8) Avoid direct sunlight on the floors by utilizing window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or UV protecting film.
9) Invest in rugs, especially in high-foot traffic areas with solid rubber or vinyl backing. Ensure you place walk-off mats at the doors.
10) Maintain the humidity between 40%-60%.

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