Floor Color & Other Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2017 in Charles Town, WV; Dark Gray Tone, Wide Plank, Long Length, Vintage & More

Hardwood floors are a timeless classic that will always be considered an upgrade in any home. The versatility of hardwood floors offers a wide range of options for any taste and budget. Just like most things, there are hardwood floor trends that come and go. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to relate the top trends concerning hardwood floors.

Floor Color & Other Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2017

Gray Tone Hardwood Floors: Gray tones are the most popular trend in hardwood floors today. Having neutral tones, the gray hardwood floors compliment a number of color schemes and variations of decorating styles. It is reminiscent of a Scandinavian style when wide planks are used. The grain in white oaks is emphasized creating a weathered beach feel. Many variations of grays are being used, but the darker grays seem to be the most popular. White Oak Live Sawn, for example is ideal if you want the weathered wide plank look.
Dark Hardwood Flooring: For a few years now, the dark hardwood flooring has been a popular trend, as it screams bold and beautiful. If you are attracted to the dark chocolate color of hardwood flooring, walnut is the color you should aim for. Walnut logs and lumber have been in high in demand due to the increasing trend. One thing to consider when going dark is that dark flooring is more of a challenge to maintain. Dirt, pet hair, and debris are obvious.
Wide Plank/Long Length: For people drawn to the contemporary style, consider wide plank flooring. Colonial and farm homes is an optimal use of wide plank panels. It can give the illusion that a small space looks more spacious. There are more characteristics that give a more unique look and the seams are better blended. Wide plank offers more stability and solidity with the right cut.
Vintage Wood Flooring: Reclaimed wood has a distinguished look that is extremely popular. Though this trend has been around for a time, few have managed to pull it off just right. The floors that have been prefinished in an attempt to look vintage end up looking unnatural, and not at all vintage. Investing in reclaimed floors though authentically vintage, can be a bit pricey. There are several options to chose from that can create an authentic vintage look without the high cost. Vintage floors are also easier to maintain and hold up well in high traffic homes and businesses.

Additional Hardwood Flooring Options:

Full Hand Scrape: Each board is individually crafted to look like a foot worn floor.
Sculpted Edges: Individual boards are designed with an older appearance with the hit and miss scrape on the edges.
Wire Brush: To create an old reclaimed barn wood look is achieved when softer summer wood leaving only the hardest part of the wood on the surface with this technique.
Circle Sawn: This method looks like your floor board came right from the mill and nailed it to your floor.

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