Hardwood Floor Care & Flooring Maintenance Tips in Charles Town & Jefferson County, WV; Regular Dusting, Minimizing Direct Sunlight & More

Hardwood floors can be a charming accent in any décor, or even the centerpiece. With hardwood floors being a timeless classic, they will be used in homes and businesses for years to come. Generally speaking, hardwood floors are fairly easy to care for, but they still need routine maintenance and professional care from time to time to keep them healthy and vibrant. We at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to suggest the Dos and Don’ts of hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Care & Maintenance Tips

Do dust the hardwood floors a minimum of once a day. Using either a dust mop or broom designed with exploding tips to clear the dust away. If your hardwood floors experience a lot of traffic, be sure to dust mop more frequently, as leaving the dust and dirt, adding the a simply act of walking can create a sanding effect, leaving subtle scratches the build over time. In front of entry points or common walk patters place protective mats or area rugs to contain more of the debris on the mat or rug as opposed to your floor.
Do absorb the spills from hardwood floors as soon as possible. Using a dry cloth, blot or wipe the offending accidental (or purposeful from the hands of a toddler) mess from the outer edges of the spill towards the center to avoid damage. Allowing spills to fester, especially that of the liquid sort can cause damage to the hardwood floors, requiring replacement and repairs all too soon.
Do maintain humidity levels in your home. It is ideal optimal for your home to maintain optimum humidity levels. Between 50%-55% humidity levels are more commonly recommended. If possible during the summer months, keep the air conditioning your hardwood floors about 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so will maintain the moisture in the air, and in the winter utilize a humidifier. Especially avoid putting a direct heat source on your hardwood floors.
Do avoid over exposure of sunlight. This can be done by using blinds, curtains, drapes, or something of that nature in the windows or glass doors that all the sun to penetrate into your home. The sun will cause your floors fade and compromise their integrity.
Do follow the label on the hardwood floor manufacturers list of proper care and maintenance. Following their guidelines will preserve your hardwood floors.
Do call Mike’s Custom Flooring when your hardwood floors are in the need of professional tender love and care.

Hardwood Floor Don’ts!

Don’t ever apply wax to hardwood floors treated with urethane finish and never use a damp mop to apply seal and wax treatments to your hardwood floors.
Don’t ever use dripping soaked mops to wash your hardwood floors, if water comes into contact with your hardwood floor, dry it quickly.
Don’t use your vacuum with the rotating brush operating on your floor, only use the vacuum if a “bare floor” setting is possible as this doesn’t permit the rotating brush from operating. Do not use feather dusters, brooms, or other cleaning tools on your hardwood floor that is abrasive and scratch the floor.
Don’t utilize area rugs or mats that are constructed with any rubber or vinyl backing as it can react poorly to various types of wood finishes.

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