Hardwood Floor Installation Problems in Herndon, VA; Gap Size, Cupping, Buckling & More

If you want a modern as well as a classic flooring option hardwood floors is the way to go. They have always been used to floor homes and have become the go to floors in many areas. Hardwood is a huge trend and switching out your tile or carpet with this beautiful option is a great way to change the look and feel of your home. Another trend that is happening is the DIY people. They think that watching a few videos and googling a topic is enough to make them an expert. The problem is that hardwood floor installation is a specialized technique that is best left to a professional. If you choose to do the installation yourself you may end up with some real troubles. Mike’s Custom Flooring lists common problems that might occur when you try to DIY.

Acceptable Gap Size in New Wood Floor

One of the common occurrences with hardwood floors is the same with any type of wood and that is they shift and move. The wood swells and shifts when the weather changes from cold to hot. The floors when they are installed by a professional are set together and secured properly so that when the wood swells it will still stay level and balanced. The gaps are there to allow for some movement but they should be uniform. If the floors are not done professionally they could have abnormal gaps that can be a real eyesore. The boards might have been installed when they were too wet or the heat of the home was not taken into account. These gaps can be repaired but is best left to a professional hardwood floor installation company.

Hardwood Floor Cupping

One of the worst things that can occur to your hardwood floors is called cupping. Cupping is a terrible outcome and will normally happen when you have large wood planks. The wood cups or makes an upside rainbow shape with each piece of wood. The wood will do this when there is moisture that is under the wood floors. This can happen when the wood floors are installed in the home in an area that is moist such as a basement. You can use a vapor retarder to stop the moisture from getting close to the wood planks. A lot of the time when your floor has suffered from cupping are damaged permanently. The floors might need to be replaced and a new hardwood floor installed using the right technique and products. There are some occasions that the floors will flatten back down after the moisture has been blocked and removed from the area.

What to Do If My Wood Floor Starts to Buckle?

This can be a huge disaster and can cause some major troubles with your hardwood floors. Buckling will happen when the hardwood is installed too tight for a room that tends to suffer from humidity. The room becomes humid and the floor swells causing the planks to buckle and lift up. It can be a dramatic problem that can be repaired with some proper fastening and appropriate amount of gaps.

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