Hardwood Floor Patterns in Summit Point, WV; Horizontal or Vertical Direction, Parquet, Herringbone & More

When you want to install a hardwood floor in your home, it always pays to hire a professional installer. With a professional installation you will know that the floor is installed correctly. In addition, you also have more installation options such as the flooring patterns. Most DIY installation will have their floor installed vertically, which isn’t bad at all. However, there are other options. Hardwood floors can have different patterns that can bring more dimensions to the floor and your home. Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share the many options you have when installing hardwood floors.

Horizontal & Vertical Hardwood Floor Direction

One of the most common patterns used to install hardwood floors are horizontal or vertical. Horizontal and vertical patterns are one of the most easy and straight forward ways to install hardwood floors. Basically, the floor will go into a single direction throughout the entire floor. Often the layout of the area will determine where to install the floor vertically or horizontally. Another reason why many people will choose to install flooring vertically or horizontally, is because there is less waste and it is easier to calculate the amount of flooring you will need.

Hardwood Floor Angle Layout Patterns

To help create a more interesting floor you will want to add more dimensions. You can bring more dimensions to the floor by installing the wood floor on a 45 degree angle. When installing hardwood floors another rather simple installation method are angles. However it can generate more waste and you may need to buy more flooring. Even so, a professional installer will be able to install floor with an angle with as little waste as possible.

Parquet & Herringbone Flooring Patterns

Parquet and Herringbone patterns are slightly different. Both use a row of a “V” pattern, going vertically or horizontally across the floor. Both parquet and herringbone patterns make the floor look much more interesting and enhances the look of the floors. Both Parquet and herringbone can use one color of flooring or even make use of multiple colors. Depending on how you want your floors to look, take time to play with solid or multi-color planks to see how they will look in your home. For references go online and look up pictures to see which one will look great in your home.

Custom Design Hardwood Floor Inlays

There are a lot of different types of hardwood floor patterns you can install in your home. When you want a custom design in your home the options can be almost limitless. You can create a diamond center, or even a tiled look where a section of flooring is framed out. When investing in a hardwood floor you should get the look and pattern you want.

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A professional hardwood installation service provides a number of patterns and installation options. A professional installer can help you determine how much wood will be needed to achieve the pattern you wish to install in your home. For those who want beautiful floors and more pattern options, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring. We provide flooring installation, maintenance and more.

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