Hardwood Flooring FAQ in Bunker Hill, VA; What is the Most Durable Hardwood Floors for Pets

For those new to wood flooring, there are many questions people have. With the very many aspects concerning hardwood flooring, the information can be overwhelming. To help people better understand wood flooring, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to take the opportunity to answer a handful of the most common frequently asked questions.

Hardwood Floor FAQ

Q: Are wood floors ideal for homeowners that have dogs or other indoor pets?
Wood floors are frequently installed in homes where dogs and pets live inside. The pet’s claws are the primary concern as they are capable of scratching the finish. Keep pet’s nails trimmed, immediately cleanup any pet accidents and avoid placing their food and water dishes directly on the floor.
Q: Is there a wood floor more durable than the others?
The hardness of the floor that will give the best indication of durability is rated by the Janka Hardness rating and can be dictated accordingly. To contribute to the durability, many hardwood floors are treated with up to 10 coats of an aluminum oxide finish. Some of the best hardwoods Brazilian Walnut, Hard Maple and Bamboo.
Q: What is the best hardwoods for kitchen floors
Hardwood floors installed in kitchens require diligent care because they are prone to food and liquid spills which cause damage such as raising the wood’s grain, permanently staining, or damage a hardwood floors’ finish. To avoid damage, always immediately wipe up spills with a dry cloth. Woods such as hickory or white pine are popular in kitchens.
Q: Is solid wood flooring a better quality then engineered wood flooring?
Not necessarily. Engineered woods that are thicker and of better quality can easily last for years along with being refinished one or two times if properly maintained. Because of the factory applied treatments and processing, there are many examples where engineered wood is just as durable as solid wood. Additionally, engineered wood is a lot more dimensionally stable compared to solid wood, making the engineered wood a better option in some cases.
Q: Can hardwood floors be installed directly on concrete slabs?
Over a dry, clean, fully-cured concrete slab that is on or below grade, engineered wood floors can be glued down or floated. A non-wood flooring option would be a better choice in climates where moisture or humidity is very high at times of the year. Where there are some methods to installing solid wood floors, manufacturers do not recommend it, but installing an engineered wood floor over a concrete slab would be preferable.
Q: Can hardwood floors be installed on top of an existing floor?
Under limited circumstances, an engineered wood floor can be floated or glued down over the top of an existing floor. However, the existing floor must be compressed enough so there is no bounce and be completely adhered to the sub-floor. To know if the floor you have is applicable, have the professional assess the flooring first.
Q: Is a paste wax good for hardwood floors?
Paste waxes should not be used because modern wood floors do not require a paste wax treatment for the finish. Generally, a type of urethane finish is used on wood flooring and the floor will cloud up and become sticky if a paste wax is applied to the finish.

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We know there are thousands of other questions consumers have regarding wood flooring. If you have any questions not posted here, please feel free to schedule a consultation with Mike’s Custom Flooring and let our specialists answer all of your questions. Contact us today!

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