Hardwood Flooring Terminology in Kernstown, VA; Wood Floor Design Patterns Glossary

Custom flooring comes in many patterns and designs that make each floor look unique. The various patterns help bring out the personality of each room as well as the entire home. For those seeking a certain pattern and design to help bring more depth to their home’s floors, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share the types of wood floor patterns and their description.

Hardwood Flooring Design Layouts

Chevron Wood Floor Pattern – Most will confuse a chevron wood floor pattern for a herringbone floor patterns. As they do look similar with their “V” like layout, the chevron pattern uses cuts of wood that are individual angled boards. Typically, chevron wood floor patterns are a little bit longer and broader for a more dramatic pattern. Some that have chosen chevron wood floor patterns claim that it is an excellent and dimensional stable wood floor layout. With its beautiful “V” layout it also helps smaller rooms feel larger.
Random Width Hardwood Floor Patterns – As the name suggests, this style of wood floor pattern uses multiple width wood to create a more interesting wood floor pattern. Typically this style of wood floor pattern uses broads of 2 ¼”, 3 ¼” and 4 ¼” laid next to each other in a repeating pattern. Those who select this pattern style say it helps make the room feel bigger. Additionally, it also helps to bring more personality to the entire room. Random width hardwood floor patterns are placed vertically with the length of the room.
Herringbone Wood Floor Pattern – This style of wood floor pattern use a “V” shape, just like chevron. However, where chevron uses angle cut broads that create two rows that from the “V” pattern, the herringbone floor pattern creates the “V” with straight boards that slightly overlap the joining row. Typically, short cut boards are used with tight patterns and make rooms feel smaller. That is why it is strongly recommended to use light color woods and in a larger room.
Diagonal Wood Floor Pattern – When most people install a wood floor they lay the floor straight along a wall. This is common and how wood floors were first laid down in many homes. However, this makes the room feel very linear and somewhat boring. Adding a simple diagonal to the floor pattern can greatly improve the look and feel of the room. It’s cheaper to install diagonal wood floors then it is the chevron or herringbone pattern. However it does take much more time and labor to install the diagonal pattern.
Parquet Floor Pattern – Parquet patterns use many pieces of wood that interlock with each other to create a pattern. Patterns do vary and it is very common to use two to three types of wood or color to help enhance the floor’s patterns. Parquet patterns often use basket, brick or chevron style pattern to create a beautiful custom floor.
Picture Frame Wood Floor Pattern – As the name suggests, this style of wood floor uses a framing design when the wood floor is installed. With two colors of wood, the outside edges are typically installed opposite the inside of the frame. This style or pattern looks great in dining rooms and kitchens.

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These are the common styles or types of wood floor that look amazing. If you’re looking into installing a new hardwood floor and want to add a little spice to your room, consider using one of these interesting floor patterns. If you’re looking for a good quality hardwood floor installer that can bring these custom styles to life, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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