How Do You Check Hardwood Floors in Ashburn, VA? Inspection After Installation & More

Being outfitted with hardwood flooring has its benefits. Because of the manufacturing, including harvesting, transporting, drying, cutting, finishing, and transporting again, the cost of hardwood floors is often one of the more pricier options for flooring. If properly maintained and installed, hardwood floors can potentially last a lifetime. As a part of the maintenance, you should invest in periodic hardwood floor inspection services. With this in mind, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to stress why you need a wood floor inspection.

What are Some Considerations in Selecting Wood Flooring?

You may be attracted to a type of wood species that will not do well in a particular room with the desirable aesthetics of the many types of hardwood flooring options, from type of wood to the color of the finish. You may be head over heels for it, Brazilian Cherry wood floor is stunning for instance. You are sold on this specific wood type after researching the cost for installation and the Janka rating. Because Brazilian Cherry will darken in areas that is exposed to direct sunlight, the floor will not be an optimal selection if you want this specific wood floor in a room with a sliding glass door or a large window. Certified wood flooring inspector can save you from wasting money on a choice that is not ideal but can present alternatives to your preferred option by getting the insight of a professional.

Inspection After Hardwood Floor Installation

Investing in a wood inspection can save you headaches down the road after getting your wood floor installed. The inspector can potentially save you from issues that might arise over time. For the integrity and identify problems that will impact the wood floor, the inspector will evaluate and test the crawlspaces, concrete slabs, sub-floors, basements, and floor joists. Before any damage occurs, saving you considerably in replacement and repairs, possible moisture concerns can be addressed.

Importance of Floor Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

The wood floor inspector has specialized training and certification to identify the extent of the condition of your wood floors, much like a general home inspector to check the ins and outs of the home. If there are problems, or if the problems are major, you can bow out before signing on the dotted line and dealing with catastrophic dilemma once the home is yours. Since during the inspection, water damage, mold issues, quality of the wood floor, current repairs, or inevitable repairs can be given to you prior to buying a new home that is saturated in wood floors giving you the upper hand for negotiations.
– Commonly found during hardwood floor inspection includes the following:
Crowning: This is when the center of a board is higher than its edges.
Cupping: Cupping is when a concave shape forms at the surface of the board, which typically happens when the sides of flooring are higher than the center of the boards.
– Finish problems: The finish can experience a number of issues at time of installation or during a maintenance refinish.
Gaps: When the boards are not fitted snugly, you see gaps. Because of poor installation or the gaps can develop over time when the boards shift, expand, and retract, this can be created.
– Splits-checks: When they experience overly, long-term conditions, splits in the boards can happen.

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