How Do You Stop a Wooden Floor from Squeaking in Bunker Hill, VA? Nail or Glue Down Solutions

Do your wood floors squeak each time a member of your household walks across them? Creaky wood floors are distracting and simply annoying, especially when you have that person walking late at night or early in the morning. Do you ever wonder why your wood floor squeaks or creaks so loud and what you can do to help reduce or stop all the noise all together? Mike’s Custom Flooring is here to provide you with some answers and solutions.

Why are My Hardwood Floors Making a Squeaking Noise?

There are a few reasons why a wood floor will continually squeak. It may be due to the material used during installation or even the method of installation. If the wood floors were installed using the nail down method, often the source of the squeaking is coming from the board rubbing on the nails each time a person steps down. This typically occurs over time and as the nail hole becomes worn down and bigger. If a wood floor was glued down, a similar effect occurs. However, since there are no nails with the glue down method, the squeaking comes when two planks rub against each other. In the case of the glue down installation method, during the change of season the wood planks will expand or contract. When the boards expand it will cause a squeaking sound when the floor is walked on.

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Wood Floor?

When it comes to solid hardwood floors, there are a few ways you can stop or reduce the squeaking. One method uses a lubricant that is applied to the seam of the planks of the wood floor. Some common lubricants used to stop the squeaking from wood floors are powered soapstone, talcum powder or a powered graphite. Application methods vary. However, most use a cloth that is dipped into the powder and rubbed into the seams of the planks. Another way to help stop the squeaking is by using a glazier point which is a small triangular metal piece typically used for windows. They are wedge between each plank which tightens the wood floor. With the planks fitting more tightly together, the squeaking often stops. This is only done on the affected or loosened areas. These first two methods are best used for glue down wood floors. For nailed down wood floors, often all that is needed is to use new finishing nails. You can add new nails which mean you pre-drill the holes before you nail down the plank. You can also use a slightly wider nail to take the place of the older nail. The wider nail should fit more snugly removing the squeaking.

How Do I Stop My Subfloor from Squeaking?

Sometimes the squeaking isn’t the wood floor at all, but the sub-floor. The sub-floor is made of wood framing and plywood which also can squeak as weight is applied. To help stop the squeaking that comes from the sub-floor requires additional joists, or adding shims or bridges.

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