How to Change the Color of Hardwood Floors in Stone Ridge, VA; Staining During Refinishing

When you are looking at a home that you want to purchase or you have a house that already has hardwood floors, don’t let the color scare you off. The color of the floors may be just what you wanted when you first chose them but now don’t fit the way that you want your homes look to go. You might have moved into a house that has beautiful hardwood floors but they are just too dark or light for your taste. The great news is that you can have the color of your floors altered. This is great news for many home owners that are ready for a change but do not want to replace the floors altogether. Refinishing the floors is an option and it is a good idea to consult with a professional. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines how we can stain wood floors gray or a different color.

Can You Lighten or Stain Hardwood Floors Darker?

One of the questions you might have is if you can change the color of your hardwood and if there are any changes that cannot be made. The answer that you are looking for is yes they can be changed in color. There are some people that think if your hardwood floors are dark you cannot change them to light but that is not true. You can go from red, to grey or dark cherry to a light and natural look. This is the process that is known as refinishing the floors and can be done by a professional with the right equipment and expertise. You want to consult with a professional about your particular floor and what level or treatment that it will need.

Can Hardwood Floors Be Too Thin to Refinish?

There are some hardwood floors that are past the point of refinishing. Although this is not likely there are some floors that are at that point. They usually are floors that have been in homes for decades and have been refinished many times. Most solid wood floors have the ability to be refinished as long as there is enough space to sand them down. If you are at the point that you can no longer have them refinished they have likely been loved and used for a very long time.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

The process to refinish hardwood floors is one that is best left to an expert. You do not want to run the risk of damaging your floors by sanding them down yourself. The process will begin when the floors are sanded down and the color as well as the sealant has been removed. The color will be stripped down to the natural wood and you want to ensure that it is not taken down too far. The floors can then be cleaned and treated so that a new color can be stained or even painted on the floors. Then they need to be resealed and cleaned before you start to use them again. This is a better option then paying to replace the flooring in the entire house.

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