How to Prevent Scratches on Wood Floors From Dog Nails, Furniture & More in Martinsburg, WV

Preserving hardwood floors is everyone’s goal. Once it is installed, the wood floors need routine maintenance and care. One of the biggest problem’s homeowners face, is avoiding the scratches that manifest on these wood floors. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share a few tips to help you avoid scratching the hardwood floor when moving furniture.

Protect Hardwood Floors from Scratches By Keeping it Clean

Cleaning floors is essential prior to moving the furniture around, and most do not apply this step. Cleaning the floors before hand can help save you some trouble. If caught between a heavy piece of furniture and the floor, small pieces of gravel and even general dust buildup under your furniture can wreak havoc. Make sure there is no grit especially in the pathway you will be using by keeping the floors swept.

How to Move Heavy Furniture on Hardwood Floors

Move Furniture on Hardwood Floors Slowly. When moving heavy objects, do not be in a hurry. Damage can happen fast if it slides off the padding. Moving slowly can give you more reaction time and avoid scratches when something feels off.
Do Not Drag Furniture on Hardwood Floors. Never drag the furniture, it should be lifted and carried to the new location. If the furniture is too heavy to lift, put padding under the furniture and carefully slide the furniture to where it needs to go.
Lighten the Load on Hardwood Floors. Shed some weight when you can, for example, dressers can have the drawers removed to ensure the furniture is lighter and easier moved. Books off of the bookshelves, knickknacks from the cabinets removed first can all help avoid mishaps. Adjust the furniture to the side. Consider laying the object on its side or back to slide. Lay it on something soft, like a blanket to help it side easier. Distribute the weight evenly to reduce the scratching possibility further.
Use Furniture Sliders on Hardwood Flooring. Sliders are a great tool to move furniture, especially when you are trying to protect wood floors. Making moving heavy objects a breeze, these special pads, called gliders, fit under your furniture. They are available in variety packs and come in many different sizes. They are an inexpensive option to help move your furniture over wood floors and are reusable.
Rolling Refrigerator on Hardwood Floors. Fridges are the biggest culprits for scratching wood flooring. One expert opinion recommends laying two pieces of cardboard just in front of where the back wheels will be when it is in its final position, then sliding it back onto the prepared boards where it can carefully lean it backward to remove the boards.
Furniture Casters for Hardwood Floors. Wheels can be a problem. Though useful, wheels cannot be fully depended on. Pieces that feature wheels can cause scratches on wood floor surface if they have been damaged. Also, wheels are known to get stuck in sideways positions and not roll, causing scratches and dents to the wood floor. This also applies dollies equipped with hard rubber wheels. These hard wheels can cause damage, inflatable wheels are the better option.

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