Installation Methods of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Martinsburg, WV; Peel & Stick, Glue Down & Interlocking

It is very popular today to install luxury vinyl plank flooring in the home and even in many businesses. When you want to install luxury vinyl flooring in your home, you will need to do more than just pick a floor that looks nice. Luxury vinyl planking comes in different thicknesses, layers, and installation methods. Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share more about the different ways luxury vinyl plank flooring is installed as they can change the outcome of the project.

Peel & Stick Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

One of the luxury vinyl planks or tile installation methods is the peel and stick. As the name suggests, each plank has a sticky adhesive coating. All you need do is peel off the protective paper and stick the vinyl plank or tile in place. A peel and stick takes out a lot of the work. You do not have to spread the adhesive glue on the subfloor and the adhesive glue is already on the plank. However, even though the peel and stick helps to simplify installation, there is no forgiveness when making a mistake. It is very hard to readjust the plank once they have made contact with the subfloor. It is highly recommended to have a professional install your peel and stick luxury flooring as they won’t make any mistakes when laying the sticky plank down.

Can You Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

A glue down luxury vinyl flooring is, as the name suggests, planks that are glued in place. You will need to buy extra adhesive glue when investing in a glue down. Unlike the peel and stick that already has the adhesive or an interlocking method, the glue down will require more materials to install the floor. The glue down is slightly more forgiving and often if needed, you can make some quick adjustments once the plank or tile has been laid on the subfloor. Both a glue down and a peel and stick does require more preparation as the subfloor will need to be cleaned and even mopped to ensure proper adhesion. Like the peel and stick method, it is recommended to seek professional help when using a glue down installation method.

Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

An interlocking floor is an installation method that uses a snap in system to hold the plank or tile piece together. Interlocking is popular in many hardwood, engineered, and composite wood floorings. As it can be more time consuming to install, the interlocking method is more forgiving during installation as well as in the future if planks need to be replaced. Interlocking luxury vinyl floor doesn’t require any adhesive or other material besides the cutting tools that all luxury flooring will need.

Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Plank Floating Floor Installs

A loose lay installation uses no glue, adhesion, or interlocking system. A loose lay uses friction to keep the floor in place. Loose lay is one of the less popular methods of installing luxury vinyl floor. We do not recommend this method.

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For the best outcome when installing luxury vinyl flooring, seek professional installation. Mike’s Custom Flooring can expertly install luxury vinyl planking and other flooring. For quality floor installation services, contact Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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