Is it Cheaper to Install Unfinished Hardwood Floors in Herndon, VA? Cost of Wood Floor Finish & More

When you want to install hardwood floors most people will look at the different colors of wood flooring and perhaps the different types of wood. However, most homeowners will pass over unfinished hardwood floors. Often they are unfamiliar with unfinished hardwood floors and feel better avoiding the flooring altogether. However, this may be a mistake as there are a lot of benefits of investing in unfinished hardwood floors. To better understand unfinished hardwood flooring, Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share more about this type of flooring and its benefits.

Custom Hardwood Floor Color

Before you can get finished hardwood floors, keep in mind that all hardwood floors originally came unfinished. Prefinished hardwood floors were not a major product until the 1940’s. Most homeowners like to see the wood color and make sure it matches the interior of their home. For this reason, most homeowners will avoid unfinished hardwood floors. However, as the name suggests, the floors are unfinished. This means they will need to be finished until after they are installed in your home. An unfinished hardwood floor allows the homeowner to pick the wood finish color and sheen. If the homeowner so desires, they can leave the wood its natural color and only apply a clear sealer over the wood floor. An unfinished hardwood floor gives the homeowner the complete freedom to choose their floor color. You may find it is hard to find the right color in prefinished hardwood flooring. An unfinished hardwood floor ensures you get the color finish you really want.

Flawless Hardwood Flooring

Another benefit of an unfinished hardwood floor is that any flaws that occur during installation will be sanded down and finished, ensuring flawless hardwood floors. When the time comes to finish the hardwood floors, the entire surface will be sanded down to a smooth texture and then the stain and or sealer will be applied. An unfinished hardwood floor will add time to the overall completion time of the hardwood floor. However, it is often worth the extra time. You never want to leave an unfinished hardwood floor unfinished. As some homeowners like the natural look of the wood, if it is not sealed, you leave the wood exposed to moisture, oils, and dirt. You will always want to ensure the hardwood floor gets sealed to protect the wood from the elements. Like prefinished hardwood floors, there will come a time you will need to refinish your hardwood floors.

Can You Seal Hardwood Floors with Polyurethane?

When selecting a finish for your unfinished hardwood floors, you will want to choose a polyurethane sealant. Either water or oil based sealants will work well on unfinished hardwood floors. Both types of sealant will have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example some sealers will take much longer to cure than others while other sealers may require a buffing in between coats. When choosing the sealer, make sure you are prepared for what the sealer requirements are, even if it adds more time or requires more maintenance.

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While unfinished flooring is cheaper, when you factor in the cost of refinishing, it may not be in the end. If you invest in an unfinished hardwood floor, make sure they are installed and finished by a professional. For quality floor installation, finishing services and more contact Mike’s Custom Flooring and schedule our services today.

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