Latest Trend; Modern Light, Solid & Dark Gray (Grey) Hardwood Floors in Herndon, VA

The increasingly popular use of gray hardwood flooring is becoming a very common trend in recent years. With the coveted aesthetic it has to offer, the gray hardwood floor suggests modern style but easily compliments the other modern finishes such as stainless steel and nickel. But many homeowners are asking the question, is the gray hardwood floor just a fad? A significant trend in the interior design industry, the popular use of the materials are waging whether it will endure and become a future classic or nothing more than a simple passing phase. Considering that hardwood floor upgrades are a considerable investment, no one wants cover the expense of something to increase a value of a home, only to find out a few year later it decreases it. Mike’s Hardwood Flooring would like to go into a little detail about gray hardwood floors for the inquiring minds.

Most Popular Gray Hardwood Flooring; Modern Light & Dark

Gray hardwood flooring has many advantages, whether it is a passing trend or not. It is a neutral color that compliments a variety of styles and hues. Though the hardwood floors that are gray have a tendency to be exceptionally brilliant when paired with cool tones and modern themes, it is still fitting to add warmth in natural wood décor or in a space with accent colors as well. Where opting to gray for hardwood floors isn’t question enough for some, others are trying to decide whether the use of light gray or dark gray is more beneficial. When it comes time to select a tone or shade of gray for the hardwood floors, you have so many options. Just as other colors of hardwood floors have pros and cons to light and dark, so do gray. It is easy to see why the dark gray hardwood floors lend more to the modern styles; light furniture and décor with the contrast of dark wood is always beautiful. However, on a larger scale, darker toned hardwood may not be the ideal selection for a smaller space; because darker often makes it appear even smaller than it actually is. You should also consider that darker gray floors will emphasize the dirt and pet hair than their lighter gray hardwood floors. Lighter gray hardwood floors are optimal in small spaces as it will form an illusion of a more spacious and larger area; not to mention the pet hair, dirt, and debris is camouflaged against the lighter background.

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When it comes to deciding if the gray hardwood floor is right for you, worth the investment, or even if you should opt for light or dark; just remember you are the one living with it. No matter if it’s a quick fad or soon to be a timeless classic, gray hardwood floors offers a lot of options and if it is something that appeals to you, do it. Mike’s Custom Flooring has the expertise to install your hardwood flooring as well as performing refinishing maintenance for your hardwood floor. Call us today to get stated on your hardwood flooring.

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