Luxury Vinyl Plank Wood Look Floor Cleaning, Care & Maintenance Tips in Herndon, VA

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is becoming an ideal option for many homeowners. But many people are unsure of the cleaning maintenance involved after Mike’s Custom Flooring expertly installs luxury vinyl plank flooring in your Virginia home. With that in mind, we would like to take the opportunity to share a few tips and suggestions on how to clean vinyl plank flooring.

How to Clean & Care for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Though the luxury vinyl floor is stain resistant, spills should be immediately wiped up with a clean cloth. Keeping the floor cleaned contributes to the condition and longevity of your vinyl plank flooring and the more maintenance you provide, the better preserved your floors will be. Below is a guide to the different substances that might make contact with your floor and the optimal way to clean them.
How to Clean Beverage & Food Spills on Vinyl Plank Flooring. If the substance is gummy or become hard, use a blunt edge, such as a spoon, butter knife, or spatula, to scrape the gunk off the surface. If there is a potential spot or stain that persists, use a designating cleaner that is specifically designed for vinyl flooring and a nylon pad or stiff bristle brush to scrub away the residues. If a stain remains, treat a clean, white cloth with bleach, and place the rag on top of the stain for up to an hour at most and rinse the surface clean.
Cleaning Grease, Tar, Oil, Asphalt, Wax & Oil-based Paint from Vinyl Plank Flooring. Use a dull butter knife to scrape the crust off. Saturate the remaining residue with a specific vinyl flooring and use a stiff bristle brush or a nylon pad. If any layer remains use isopropyl alcohol, paint thinner, or lighter fluid treated on a cloth and rub the residue.
Vinyl Plank Floor Scratches, Scuffs, Marks, Minor Cuts, Gouges or Burns. Contact Mike’s Custom Flooring for evaluation and repairs.
Greasy Antiseptics & Lipstick Stains on Vinyl Plank Floors. Scrape off the excess with a dull edged implement and wipe off as you go onto the paper towels. Any remaining residues can be cleaned with a cleaner specifically designed for vinyl plank flooring. Use a nylon pad or stiff bristle brush to scrub the surface clean. For any remaining residues, use a cloth treated with isopropyl alcohol or paint thinner to clean off the staining. If stubborn stains linger, dampen a clean white cloth with bleach and place it over the spot for no more than an hour, checking on it every 10 minutes. Once stain is dissolved, wipe clean with a damp cloth from pure water.
Vinyl Plank Floor Rust Removal: Generously apply a vinyl floor cleaner to the area and scour the spot down with a stiff bristled brush or nylon pad. If stains remain, treat a white, clean cloth with bleach and place it on top of the stains. Check on the area every 10-15 minutes, but do not let it linger longer than 1 hour. Rinse clean with a water-damp cloth.
Cleaning Ink, Hair Dye, Permanent Marker & Crayon from Vinyl Plank Flooring: Heavily dampen the vinyl floor specific cleaner and scrub with a nylon pad or stiff bristled brush. If a stain remains, apply paint thinner, lighter fluid, or isopropyl alcohol to a clean cloth and scrub the area cleaned. Rinse with a water-damp clean cloth.
Please note: Mineral spirits, lighter fluid, painter’s naphtha, and isopropyl alcohol are highly flammable, only use if necessary and with extreme caution. Bleach has the ability to lighted, and short-term use should not impact the floor’s color. Patch tests in an inconspicuous area is recommended first with any of these products.

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