Luxury Vinyl Planks VS Hardwood Floors in Stone Ridge, VA; Cost, Style, Eco Friendly & More

Hardwood floors have been around for centuries. They are a timeless beauty that can be implemented into nearly any style and look well with most color schemes. Hardwood floors are considered an upgraded luxury when it comes to home value. However, there are a few drawbacks to families using the classic and authentic look of hardwood. Thankfully, there is a comparable alternative where the emulation is arguably as good, or even better than the original. Today, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to compare the luxury vinyl planks to hardwood plank floors. There are several quantifiable qualities that best illustrates the comparable characteristics of luxury vinyl tile vs. hardwood flooring. These include aesthetics, durability, environmental impact, cost, and application. Below are a side by side look at luxury vinyl tile and hardwood floors. Where both have their qualities, it boils down to preference.

Aesthetics & Style of Flooring

Hardwood floors are timelessly beautiful; however, they do have limitations with style due to the availability of wood species and possibility of customization and design. When consumers look for additional styles and looks that are not included in natural wood, they pay for it, if it is even attainable. Despite the many colors, qualities, and styles hardwood floors are offered in, luxury vinyl is essentially a photographic image layer between the backing and the clear wear layer. Luxury vinyl tile designers need only photograph the desired wood species (or other options) to create a nature-realistic product. Even though you can get more designs and styles, you do not have the heavy cost hardwood floors have to attain it.

Durable Wood Flooring (or Floors that Look like Wood)

Durability, or the hardness of floor is an indication of the topmost layer’s wear; the more durable it is, the more it can endure. Unfortunately, hardwood floors lack somewhat in the durability and stability. Diligent maintenance is essential for hardwood floors as they are susceptible to liquid and climate damage. These floors are equipped with a polyurethane coating for protection, which wears making them unsuitable for high-traffic applications. Without constant maintenance and upkeep, the wood floors can be damaged too soon. Luxury vinyl planks are a synthetic material that is resistant to moisture and climate. Not only can wood flooring endure under reasonable moisture and temperature changes, but they also have an extremely hard, durable wear layer. With little to no upkeep, the luxury vinyl tile is extremely durable and stable as well as long-lasting.

Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Where vinyl planks are synthetic materials, the are ideally more ecofriendly, where as the hardwood is a, natural material or renewable resource. Deforestation rates far outweigh the limited efforts to replant and regrow forests of new trees.

Can Flooring Be the Same Throughout the House?

Wood floor is limited on where it can be installed. You do not want to install the hardwood floors in high-moisture content areas or in areas where there is a lot of foot-traffic. The vinyl is highly versatile and can be implemented into any room and used in any setting.

Cost of Hardwood VS Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

As mentioned, there can be varying costs surrounding some aspects of the hardwood floors. Finish, and other aesthetics increase the overall cost as well as any protective treatments you invest in. However, on average, with hardwood factoring at the baseline, hardwood costs $8-$25 a square foot where luxury vinyl averages between $2-$5 a square foot.

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Where both flooring options are ideal, people may find the luxury vinyl flooring a more appealing option for the wonderful benefits of having the look of hardwood without the aesthetic or application limitations, high maintenance or cost. No matter which option is better fit for your home or business, call Mike’s Custom Flooring and let our certified experts do the rest.

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