Maintenance Tips for Engineered Hardwood Floors in Charles Town & Jefferson County WV; Use Correct Cleaners & More!

Investing in hardwood floors can change the dynamic of any room. With all the beneficial gain of installing hardwood floors, it’s an easy decision to make. But once you get the charming hardwood floors professionally installed by Mike’s Custom Flooring, understanding the maintenance involved is optimal to keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition for years to come. Mike’s Custom Flooring shares some tips and advice for maintenance to extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors.

How Do You Maintain an Engineered Wood Floor?

1. Vacuum Hardwood Floors. Only if your vacuum is equipped with a bare floor setting should you utilize the vacuum. On the “bare floor” setting the rotating brush is inoperable to prevent scratching. The vacuum’s suctioning power can remove much of the dirt. In high traffic areas, vacuum a minimum of once a day. In low or rarely used rooms, hit the hardwood floor with a vacuum once a week. Removing the settling dust, or the dirt and grime is essential for longevity. The filth left on the surface, combined with the traction of every day walking cause a sanding like motion, which will scratch and dull out your hardwood floors quickly. If there is no bare floor setting on your vacuum, or if hauling the vacuum gets cumbersome, invest in a microfiber dust mop, and periodically graze the floor to get rid of surface layer.
2. Avoid Hairsprays & Furniture Polish. These products possess chemical agents that will cloud the finish on hardwood floors. If these products find their way on the surface, wipe it with a non-ammonia glass cleaner.
3. Moisture Barrier for Hardwood Floors. Water can ruin your hardwood floors, along with penetrating deep under the boards causing staining, and even potential mold. On rainy days keep the doors and windows closed, and accidental liquid spills should be mopped up immediately.
4. Use Extra Long Walk-off Door Mats & Area Rugs. Minimizing the dirt and grime off of shoes before entering onto the hardwood floor is an excellent preventive measure, and it also minimizes the cleaning efforts. In high traffic areas, lay an area rug down to add a protective barrier.
5. Use Correct Hardwood Floor Cleaners. When your hardwood floors need an extra cleaning, be sure to use the appropriate hardwood floor cleaners formulated for the type of finish you have. Avoid the damp mopping, and stick with the proper formulated hardwood floor cleaners if your hardwood floors need more than the basic dust mop or vacuum treatment. Stay away from harsh cleaning tools like abrasive pads or scouring chemicals.
6. Trim Pet’s Nails. If you have indoor pets, make sure their claws are trimmed or filed down to a dull point to avoid scratches.
7. Keep Optimal Humidity Levels. If possible, keep humidity levels around 45%-55% to avoid shrinkage.
8. Stain Removal. If sticky substances land on your floor, like gum or waxes, use ice to harden them, and then use a plastic scraper to remove the blemish.

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