Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Trends Predicted for 2017 in New & Existing Homes in Winchester, VA

With the New Year upon us are you contemplating making some changes? Many people are moving from carpet or tile over to hardwood floors. They are a great addition to any style home. Whether you have a contemporary, modern or traditional home there is a hardwood floor that is right for you. Just like paint, carpet and décor; hardwood floors change over time and each year seems to bring out some fun trends that people are excited about.

Mike’s Custom Flooring Lists 2017 Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch For!

Wide Planks VS Narrow Plank Hardwood Flooring: When you go to pick out a hardwood floor you are going to see different lengths and widths. When it comes to the width of the hardwood planks, the largest has always been a five inch length. In the past five years, the width has started to change and people are looking for a seven and a half inch width plank. It can help to widen the room when this wider plank is used.
Long Length Hardwood Flooring: Just like the width you can get the length of the hardwood planks in many sizes. The shorter pieces were a hot trend but in recent years people are turning back to a longer piece. That is partially due to the increase in width since the length will look and feel more proportionate. It is also a more traditional look when you use a longer plank.
Grey Floor Stain Hardwood Floors Are Still Trendy: One of the newest and hottest colors of hardwood to have installed in homes has been grey. The grey color offers a cool and modern look to a home and allows you to mix cabinet and other flooring much easier. Grey has been trendy for a few years and professionals believe that it has a few more years left in it!
Natural Oil Finish Hardwood Floors: The trend for many years has been to have a nice sleek hardwood floor. The smooth color and finish has been made to look nice and clean at all times. One reason behind the natural look of hardwood is so the homeowner feels confident that it can stand the test of time. Sometimes it is a little risky to go outside the box when you want to sell. A natural hardwood floor is a great option and appeals to the masses.
Oak Hardwood Flooring: When it comes to a type of hardwood that has always been in the running, oak is always on the list. There are two major types of oak that are used regularly and that is red and white. They are both still a trendy option that is used often in homes to show off a beautiful finished look.
Factory Prefinished Hardwood Flooring: This is a type of hardwood that is always on the trending list. Some people will choose this type of hardwood if they want a nice clean and uniform finish to their home. There is no mismatching and color changes because the factory cranks them out.

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