Pros & Cons of Brazilian Koa Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring Installation in Your Shawnee Land, VA House

One of the most sought after exotic wood floorings available now, is Tigerwood. Tigerwood is durable, has amazing coloring and grain patterns, and is a great flooring for any home. Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to shine the spotlight on tigerwood flooring and share why this beautiful flooring has become one of the most popular exotic floors.

Tigerwood AKA Zebrawood or Brazilian Koa

Tigerwood is a South American wood species that comes from the Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay regions. Tigerwood is also known as Zebrawood or Brazilian Koa. Tigerwood has a very distinct look. It has dark brown streaks or grain with a rich orange background. Tigerwood brings out a more dramatic look to the home with its contrasting coloring. Tigerwood is not only beautiful, it is also strong. One the hardness scale it rates at 2160, far above most of the other wood flooring, including Hickory. Not only can this floor take abuse from large families or pets, they are also resistant to pests such as beetles and termites. This is due to the rich native soil and the climate where tigerwood trees grow.

Tigerwood Floor Maintenance

Even though Tigerwood flooring is very durable it still requires proper care. Tigerwood should never be exposed to constant sunlight as it can lighten its rich colors. For areas with large windows or skylights, have a light filtering screen installed or use blackout curtains to block much of the sun. You can also use your furniture and rugs to project the wood when natural light is used. Like any other wood flooring, it is recommended to sweep or vacuum the floor frequently to keep dirt and debris off the floor. This will help prevent scratching the flooring’s sealer. Additionally, make sure to clean spills quickly to prevent stains or moisture damage. Tigerwood comes in both solid and engineered flooring and each has their own set of maintenance requirements. Solid wood floors will at some point need to be refinished and a new sealer applied to ensure the floor’s longevity. Engineered flooring often can only be refinished once due to the thinner layer, which means it must be protected more diligently. To help protect the surface of the flooring, it is recommended to use rugs in high traffic areas, and furniture pads to prevent scratching. Additionally, never drag furniture or other heavy items across the floor.

Installation of Tigerwood Hardwood Floors

When installing tigerwood, it is recommended to seek professional services to ensure the quality of the investment. Tigerwood works great anywhere in the home, especially in high traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms. However, using natural wood in bathrooms is often discouraged as water and wood do not mix well. If you are determined to use wood floors in a bathroom, it is strongly encouraged that you use a water barrier sealant to protect the wood. As tigerwood is fairly expensive flooring, it may not be worth the risk installing it in bathrooms or mudrooms.

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