Should I Replace or Refinish My Original Wood Floors in Purcellville, VA? Style, History, Damage & More

The hardwood floors can last for decades when it is properly cared for and maintained. When it comes to the hardwood floors, however, there are many circumstances that lead to wooden floors being a little tattered, whether it is from age, neglect, or other damage. When you want to do something about it, it can be difficult to know which steps you should take. There are many cases where simply refinishing the floor will be the best option, or if replacing the wood floor will be the better solution. When it comes to making a decision on whether you should refinish or replace the wood floor and we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to share some deciding factors for you.

Style of Hardwood Floors

Because the weathered look is currently trending, you need to decide if you like that rustic look, or the posher look for your wood floor as the timeless classic of the shine and image of new wood flooring. In any case, budget is another consideration as you will need to calculate materials and installation as well. You need to keep in mind that a refinishing is less expensive, but it cannot get the floors “like-new”, though it comes fairly close. Refinishing can remove most stains, the majority of the wear, and improve the condition and appearance of the wood floor in general. A primary decision is weighing out if you prefer new and modern or weathered and aged.

How Can I Match My Existing Hardwood Floors?

Worn wooden floors that are a high risk of being damaged from termites or another insect infestation, especially so in older homes are something to consider as well. Making it a challenge to match the remaining floor’s color, grain, and stain, the planks will need to be replaced after the infestation has been eliminated. When it comes to this aspect, an experienced professional who is skilled to deliver maximum results is needed.

How Can Old Hardwood Floors Be Repaired During Refinishing?

Repairs are required to silence squeaky, dry and decrepit nails are replaced, and other issues dealt with. Stains derived from pets, spills, water marks, and other common sources can be eliminated as well as the refinishing process includes standing down the top layer of the floor. The new color finish you selected is applied to maximize the look of your hardwood floors after the professional sands down each plank evenly to the raw wood.

When Should I Replace My Hardwood Floors?

A few circumstances, however, will need to result in a complete floor replacement. Keep in mind that not all wood floors are a candidate for refinishing. If any of the following applies, a replacement is necessary:
– Depending on the wood floor, it can only be sanded down a number of times, if it has reached its limit, it will need to be replaced.
– Structural issues, often the subfloor being the source can be an impeding cause. To ensure the new hardwood floor is efficiently installed, in these cases, the subfloor will often need to be repaired.
– If there is underlying damage, as indicated by extreme movement between the boards in your flooring, it suggests that will significantly impact the sanding and finish quality.
– Poor tongue and groove connection and/or exposed nails.

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