Signs Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing in Leesburg, VA; Scratches, Discoloration & Damaged Wood Planks

Increasing value, sturdiness and fitting into any interior design and with color various color options; hardwood floors are an excellent investment to most homes. Their sturdiness really offers them a lot of benefits, and hardwood floors have fairly easy maintenance. The solid wood floors will need to be sanded down and refinished on occasion as a part of this maintenance. You can potentially cause more harm than good while this process is relatively messy, and if the wood is improperly sanded. To ensure quality, it is best done with an experienced professional, and unless you have experience with the refinishing process, you definitely should not attempt it. When hardwood floors could use a refinishing service, most homeowners are uncertain about how to proceed. Considering this, we at Mike’s Custom Flooring would like to elaborate on the signs that point to a refinishing project.

Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair

In some instances, you can only see the scuffs and scratches when the light reflects off the surface on the right angles as the wear isn’t always obvious. With excess foot traffic over time and harsh chemical cleaners inappropriately used, the finish can also wear down with excess foot traffic over time. With a refinishing service, these unsightly blemishes are remedied. Before a new application of the finish is applied, the top layer flaws and original finish is removed through a sanding process. The wood floors are susceptible to the elements and further damage without the full coverage of the finish and it makes the finish application vital.

Hardwood Floor Discoloration

Discoloration is a red flag the hardwood floor requires refinishing. Generally done by the sunlight or moisture damage, and it may not be obvious, the dull, faded discoloring that occurs. Sanding is the only option that removes the spills from substances that caused staining also. When you move furniture or rugs, you can often discover the faded and dull effects caused from the sun and moisture. To prevent discoloration damage after the wood floors are refinished, be sure to take the time to install window treatments or area rug and repair any moisture exposure problems.

Damaged Hardwood Floor Planks

Floorboards that are decaying, curled, bending, or showing other indications of severe damage would need to be repaired or replaced and it requires more than a refinishing service. When the floorboards are severely damaged, they need more than refinishing and typically need replacing. To ensure the floor’s finish is even, when the replacements or repairs are required, it is recommended to refinish the floors.

Cleaning VS Refinishing Hardwood Floor Restoration

A deep cleaning is sometimes all that is needed when you notice that the wood floor has lost a bit of luster and shine but is in otherwise in good condition. Be sure to use cleaning products to your wood floor and follow the label’s directions to return the shine, or better yet, hire a professional for cleaning services.

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Whether your hardwood floors require replacing and repairs or refinishing, our team of experts can ensure your wood floors are properly refinished, call Mike’s Custom Flooring should the signs point to a refinishing service.

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