What Do I Do if My Wood Floor Starts to Buckle in Greenbriar, VA? How to Fix Buckling from Water Damage & More

When you are choosing a flooring option for your home it can be a fun quest. Most people spend some time deciding what might be best. Some choose to have carpet while others want tile. Then there are people that love the elegant and beautiful hardwood floor that can be used in any room in your house. More and more homeowners are choosing to go with a hardwood floor for the durability and beauty that it brings to any home. The great thing is that there are lots of options when you choose hardwood. One is that you can go with wide planks, skinny planks, long and even short planks. You can also choose a color to fit the look and feel of the area you are having the hardwood installed in. The colors are almost endless from the shades that you can have created for your home. You want to make sure you are prepared to care for your hardwood floors because they have been known to last more than a lifetime. There are times that you may have problems with your floors and it is a good idea to know what to do about it. Mike’s Custom Flooring outlines what causes hardwood floors to buckle and what you can do about it.

Buckled Hardwood Floor from Water Damage

The first and major cause of damage to your hardwood floors happens to be from a water leak. The water can come from a leak that is in your roof and leaks during a storm. It can also come from an appliance that has broken and even a pipe that is in the walls that leak. The water that leaks out can collect on the floor and when there is water it will cause the wood planks to warp and buckle. The wood that your floors are made from have pores that will allow the water to soak in and expand the wood. After the wood has been expanded it will warp it so that the nice smooth line is no longer. You want to make sure that you dry the water up as soon as possible and repair the leak. Then you can work on the floors and make the necessary repairs.

Will High Humidity Damage Hardwood Floors

Another issue that can cause your hardwood floors to warp and buckle is from the air in your home. This can be a problem because it can be happening and you can’t see why. The humidity in a home can be too high and that will create moisture. The moisture will start to soak in the wood and that will also then lead to buckling. If you live in an area that has lots of humidity you want to use a dehumidifier to keep the moisture under control.

How Do You Fix a Buckling Water Floor?

If you have a small area of floor that has been buckled from moisture you can have it taken out and new planks installed. You can also have the floors repaired if the damage is minimal. You want to make sure you talk to a professional about what method is best.

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