What Do I Need to Know Before Installing Hardwood Floors in Gerrardstown, WV?

When making the investment to install real hardwood floors, most people never know how difficult it can actually be. Natural hardwood floors have a lot of additional steps during the installation process that is essential to ensure wood care and the quality of installation. Installers wished more homeowners knew the additional steps that goes into installing hardwood floor for these reasons. To better understand, Mike’s Custom Flooring will share the top three unknown facts about installing natural hardwood floors to ensure longevity of the flooring and what to expect from proper installation.

Condition of Subfloor

When installing hardwood floors, the wood will lay on top of a subfloor, which in most homes is made of concrete or plywood. The Condition of the subfloor is important to the wood flooring. If the subfloor is made of concrete and is cracked, it can allow moisture to affect the wood. Rotting plywood is a poor foundation for the hardwood floor and can also prematurely decay the wood. Before laying hardwood flooring it is important to assess the condition of the subfloor and replace or repair the subfloor before laying the flooring or you may have squeaky, loose, or warped flooring as a result.

Should I Let My Floor Acclimate?

What many homeowner don’t know before installing the flooring is that the flooring materials will need to be acclimated first. Mostly in the case of concrete subfloors as concrete can hold in moisture and can change in temperature throughout the year. When moisture or change of temperature effects natural wood, the wood will expand and contract. So basically the floor will move. To prevent a major installation disaster, installers will acclimate the planks to a moderate temperature and moisture levels before they begin installing the hardwood floor. This step will help ensure the material care and quality of installation.

Hardwood Floor Layout

When it comes to installing in small rooms, it is recommended to start on the furthest corner from the door and work your way down and out of the room. This prevents the need to walk over the partially installed floor to help prevent poor installation. However, this concept doesn’t always apply especially when it comes to installing in open floor plans or larger areas. When laying out the floor, most installers start at the focal points. Natural wood floor planks are unique and not one plank looks the same. Even the same type of wood will vary in color and pattern since no one tree is the same. Wood floors will come from a number of trees of the same species. Therefore, they are still unique. Often installers will pick the best planks to be installed at the focal point and the less pleasing pieces on the outer edges on in more discreet locations. Additionally, they will use the planks with patterns that vary yet blends together for a unified floor.

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When installing hardwood floors it important to know how to properly install and care for the wood floors to ensure that your investment lasts for decades. Mike’s Custom Flooring can help ensure your hardwood floor gets installed properly and with care. If you want quality flooring and installation, come and see Mike’s Custom Flooring today.

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