What is the Best Installation Method for Hardwood Floors in Middleburg, VA? Nail or Glue Down or Floating?

Hardwood floors can be installed in three major ways: There is the nail down method, glue down and floating method. Each method has its own benefits and best uses. To understand the installment method and to know how to properly shop for hardwood floors, Mike’s Custom Flooring will explain the different installation methods and when they are best utilized.

Nail Down Hardwood Floor Installation

Nailing down wood floors has been used for centuries. It was the original method until homes were built on concrete foundations. Today hardwood floors are still nailed down but only on wood sub-flooring. You cannot nail down hardwood floors on concrete or metal floors as in the case of some commercial buildings. Hardwood floors are most popular in multi-story homes with the upper levels using a wood subfloor. Some raised homes have a wooden sub floor which allows for the nail down method. Some installers will manually nail the planks down, but most will use a pneumatic nail gun. Only natural hardwood floors can be nailed down. Engineered, and laminate floors are usually glued down or they use an interlocking method.

How Do You Install Glue Down Hardwood Floors?

The glue down method is mostly used for laminate, engineered, or for luxury vinyl flooring. However, occasionally hardwood floors are glued down as well. When a homeowner wishes to install hardwood floors over a concrete subfloor, the wood will need to be glued down. One benefit of gluing down the hardwood floor is that it reduces noise such as echoes, squeaking and the sound of footsteps. Since the planks are glued down with a strong adhesive, the planks don’t move at all. The one down side of the glue down method is if the wood floor will needs to be replaced. Removing glued down hard wood floors can be a difficult task. When choosing the glue down method make sure it is done by a professional contractor. If the wrong adhesive or installation method is used it can void out many warranties.

Installing Floating Hardwood Floors

Engineered, laminates, and hardwood floor can also use a floating installation method, which means the floor isn’t secured down by nails or glue. Most floating hardwood floors use an interlocking method which acts as a joint that holds each plank together. Floating hardwood floors often require an underlayment which helps to reduce noise and cushions the planks. Floating is another popular choice for concrete sub-floors when the homeowner doesn’t want to glue down the planks and cannot nail the plank down either. Floating is becoming a very popular choice for a number of reasons such as it is easier to repair and remove damaged planks. It allows for more installation options and can be installed over any surface. It is also one of the cheaper and faster methods of installation.

What Should I Look for when Buying Hardwood Floors?

When shopping for hardwood floors, often we are obsessed with the color, texture and pattern of the floor. However, many people never consider how the wood floor is installed. There are number of factors when considering the installation method. When shopping for hardwood floors remember to keep in mind the method you want to utilize, whether it be nail down, glue down, or floating wood floors.

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